Dark Reader extension for Safari

Hi folks,
I recently discovered the Dark Reader extension for Safari which, as the name suggests, gives you a ‘dark mode’ for websites. I have low vision and prefer this colour scheme, I have been trying it out and it works great.

But my concern is security. When I load the extension (which I bought from the Mac App Store) Safari says it can see all content from websites including sensitive information including passwords. Now I use 1Password but I guess my question is do you think this is a deal breaker? To what extent do extensions read information, ie, can it communicate this back to a developer? Just interested in peoples’ thoughts on this.


Reviews seem mostly positive, one recent review though is very critical. Is such an extension even necessary, does it do something that macOS Dark Mode does not? This was added in 2018’s macOS Mojave (10.14).

So Dark Mode in Safari doesn’t change websites themselves, so a traditional white background with black/dark text is still the norm. But this dark mode extension reverses that so websites have a dark background and lighter coloured text.

What about inverting colours in macOS Accessibility?

Yeah I use invert colours as well and that works for Safari but it also inverts photo/picutres and then if I use say Final Cut Pro which uses a dark interface anyway I have to keep turning it off and on so I was just looking for a single solution.

Then I guess this comes down to how much you trust the developer of the extension to not do shady stuff with your data. Usually I’d recommend finding reviews from others to see what their experience was, but realise that may not be possible for every Safari web extension out there, in which case the next best thing is doing a little background reading on the developer, maybe even contacting them directly to see what they have to say about requiring the permissions they do.

Ok cool, thanks.