Double return ignored?


I’m old school. Was taught by my typing teacher that a new paragraph requires 2 strokes of the return key.

Recently I’ve noticed that this site seems to ignore the 2nd return, requiring me to press the key again.

I don’t think it’s because I am hitting the key too rapidly for it to be perceived by the computer as a 2nd key press - no other app/site/etc has an issue with my typing.

Is this a “thing” here?

Or am I just a little nuts?



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Just giving it a go

typing something and going double-tap return.

works for me


You might need to adjust your key repeat and delay settings.

This definitely isn’t a thing I’ve come across. Does it happen on any other Discourse sites, eg Meta (, I think)?

Maybe it’s my old age, or keyboard… I just have noticed it over the past 1-2 months and as I know HTML doesn’t favour a double return, maybe it was becoming a thing…


So, it’s not my keyboard, nor my typing skills.

It is in fact this site / forum software (but it’s not malicious modern typing golems trying to remove double return carriages from existence…).

It happens when I type an emoji, then hit [return] [return] to carry to a new paragraph.

Whilst the software decodes the emoji, it then “misses” my extra return key press.

Just figured it out whilst writing another post.


(Also happens if you enter someone’s name with the @ symbol then hit return+return. Normally of course, following someone’s name you should use a full stop, so this is entirely my laxness.)