Dreamweaver alternative for existing WYSWYG site

A former colleague who has a not small static HTML website has asked for advice on a Dreamweaver alternative.

They are not a coder (retired, and unlikely to learn, have many other things to do with their time). I haven’t touched a WYSWYG website app since the 90s, and have not idea what would be easy for them to use.

I would assume a challenge is they would have an existing (simple) template in Dreamweaver, and alongside converting their site into another app might be a bit sticky.

They have inquired about Mobirise


Which I know very little about.

Anyone able to offer some suggestions. Much appreciated. thx

Is he on a Mac? If so, Rapidweaver, its as wysiwyg as you can get. I admit I have not used it in a long time (v4) but it seems its still cracking on.

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