Email about 'updating payment info for iCloud' — Phishing?

Hopefully quick Q…

I received a new bank credit card (old one expired). Most things are working fine including Apple Pay and Apple Music with the change.

I have had two emails now from from ‘iTunes Store’ titled ‘there is a problem with your payment information’ about my iCloud storage — which is set to expire tonight.

The email includes the follow instructions

Be sure to update your payment information as soon as possible. Your account will be downgraded to the free 5 GB storage plan if we cannot successfully renew your subscription.

  1. Go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store.
  2. Tap your Apple ID and then tap View Apple ID. You might be asked to sign in.
  3. Tap Manage Payments (if you’re using an older version of iOS, tap Payment Information) and follow the prompts.

‘iTunes and App Store’ is obviously incorrect.

Discussion at iTunes email: Problem with Payment Inform… - Apple Community about whether this is a legit apple email or Phishing attempt

All links in the email I received are legit apple…

I recall having to do this. I think that the email from Apple is legit. Your payment details stored as part of your Apple account are used for all the various Apple stores and services. Apple have not updated their standard text to reflect this. It must have been written years ago when there was only Itunes and the App Store.

What they suggest is safe as you are not clicking on any links in the email. They are just suggesting that you go directly to your account in settings on your device and update the card details stored as part of your account. You would expect an email from Apple about this as they will have noted that the existing card’s expiry date is either close or even expired.

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Given I now have pop up messages (iPad and iPhone) linked to the Settings app asking to update payment settings, it seems a legit email

The problem is I have already updated my Apple Pay info with my new card (and it works). My Apple Music payment went through with the new card too, and the last iCloud payment early in the Dec went through too (also with the new card).

When I try to add another payment method (same card) it is rejected as the card is already there :roll_eyes:

Going round and round in circles… Another example where Apple has much less of its shit together/has dropped the ball.

If my account is reverted (by Apple) back to the free tier tonight, I guess I will try upgrading and see if that works…

Same happened to me just now. On the phone to Apple…

Good luck. Let me know how it goes!

i told him this was happening right now to lots of folk. He said we are aware of issues. He said several times that the emails are fake. He has escalated the issue and I should hear from them in a day or so. The iCloud subscription is maintained for 180 days after a non-payment. My theory is that an Apple system has been hacked! I changed my password after the first email and then received a second one. Then the settings notice an hour ago. So I guess I wait and monitor things carefully. Not happy!

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Let us all know what happens…

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No word yet from Apple. Other people have added new cards so I did that this morning and deleted my old card (which Apple says has expired despite an expiry date far in the future). The payment went through and I tried adding the original card again but it was declined. Rather unsettling really. Poor that Apple is not going public with this issue.

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More notifications and an email overnight. This one from [email protected]. ‘Fix Payment Information’ button links to… which opens Apple Music (the iTunes Store).

Under payment information there was reference to the card being expired.I removed the card (it took some time for the add payment button to work MacOS Monteray) and re-added.

It seemed to accept this, and will let you know — underlying issue might be systems (iTunes store and Apple Pay/Wallet) are not properly talking to each other…

What I would do, rather than clicking any of these links, is just access my account through the App Store & see what it looks like there.

I received payment notification, so that appears to have address the internal Apple payment issues…

[The issue appears to the the ITunes Store — where the details were changes — and not the Apple Store… systems not talking to each other]

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