End of iPod

In 2001 Steve Jobs introduced iPod to the world.

Twenty years later, Apple have now discontinued the iPod, and stocks are already selling out fast.

I guess with the ubiquity (and higher cost) of the iPhone, having a dedicated music machine is not really necessary for Apple.

(One of my favourite John Larroquette moments… playing a recently woken coma patient)


The only thing surprising about this is how long it took

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Not surprising that it’s selling out real quick too… I mean it was kinda inevitable that they’d can it at some point. iPhone and Apple Watch have all the functionality that an iPod was ever able to do and combine it with other features. And when you consider AirPods to wirelessly connect to them, it really begs the question, as to what point the iPod now serves.

Mind you, I’m still gutted that it’s no longer a product line - something about it being such a fantastic device when it was first released and that desire and want to have one. I remember that very clearly.

Will definitely be holding on to my couple of iPods though!

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Still remember looking at the video-capable classic with such envy.

Might have to dust a couple off and fire them up! Pray I don’t hear any clicking hard drives.

ahhh the memories. this one has a 20gb hard drive which still works. Came with headphones and remote, firewire cable etc.

I have the same one, still working also. The limitation of only charging via firewire is a pain though.

It really did change the game forever.

I got my hands on a last gen classic with an immaculate back, problem is it’s so pristine I’m afraid to use it. I’ll probably have to try getting another one for actual use. I have some plans to put one to good use.

It’s a tough call… Use it, or save it.

I’d say use it, but then - it’s not mine. :slight_smile:

Does the last gen iPod Touch have Siri? I’m trying to find a way for my 101 yr old Aunt to be able to listen to Audiobooks. She has macular degeneration and is almost completely blind, and is having hearing problems as well. She’s cognitively sharp as a tack but deteriorating because she can’t follow her usual interests. She doesn’t do Braille, the blindness has come to her very late (98 I think she was) and doesn’t do audiobooks or talking books because its all too hard to navigate. but maybe a voice assistant would help… i dunno, thinking out loud.

Siri is available on the iPod touch 5th generation and later models.

My old iPod went into one car in 2010 where it lived with our entire music collection which was updated every now and again. In 2011 when we got a second car with an iPod capable head unit my first purchase was another 120GB iPod for the same reason.

Over the years I contemplated upgrading them to touches or an old phone with WiFi to make the library updates easier… but bang for buck, or dollar per GB you couldn’t beat them.

Even so I sold the last of my 80GB and 120GB models years ago. For their day they were bloody awesome but with streaming media becoming more prevalent and large amounts data on plans makes them somewhat redundant for my needs. Add CarPlay to that and they are even more sort of useless when I already have a phone.

I always liked the idea of the iPod, but in all my life only ever owned one - a Nano 2nd Gen.

An Apple Refurb, I bought it with one of my first pay cheques after I graduated from uni. So much improved on the usb-stick-MP3 player that I was using before it, it could fit a lot more songs, and I could play cards. Woot!

The iPod Classic (ie 6th Gen) from 2007 I think was the model I most wanted to own - except of course then the iPhone came along, and I just couldn’t see the point in owning a stand alone music device.

Oddly enough… how many songs are on my iPhone? None…

I owned an iPod mini then several iPod nanos, I used them for music when riding on my motorbikes on longer trips. That’s no lontger needed these days with bluetooth from phones for streaming music.