eSim transferring to new iPhone

Hi folks,
Quick question for the Apple brains trust. So I’m upgrading my iPhone, love this new same day delivery service! So my current phone has an eSim. I want to transfer this to the new phone. I called Telstra and they inform me I need to go to a Telstra store to re-scan the QR code. Is this correct? I would have thought in this day and age the process would have been a bit simpler, ie, use the Telstra app to transfer it but I can’t see an option in there.

Anyway just wondering if anyone here knows the answer to this. If I do need to go into a shop, I can, there’s one about 3km from here, but just seems there should be an easier way.

Cheers, Glen

As per Telstra’s eSIM FAQ:

How do I transfer my eSIM service to another compatible device?
All iOS and Android devices that are eSIM compatible can transfer their service to another compatible device using the ‘Transfer or restore’ feature via the My Telstra app. Alternatively, you can contact Telstra to request a SIM replacement. and have a Standard eSIM Card mailed out to you.

Weirdly, I couldn’t find the transfer or restore option in my My Telstra app, but EFTM says it should be right there at the bottom of your service details. If not, try deleting and reinstalling the app.

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More info

So here’s the update as to what happened. I reinstalled the My Telstra app and still couldn’t do it. I rang the local Telstra shop, which isn’t that far from me. They said it would be no worries just come down and we’ll make you an eSim. I get there and the guy starts processing my request, then I realise he’s making me a physical SIM. I asked him why. He replied that physical SIMs are better and that eSIMs have dropouts and aren’t reliable. I have never heard this.

The whole experience was quite bizarre.