Exciting eBay Finds


Just thought I’d mention this auction, ending in 1 day, for an old Apple carry bag for compact Macs… At least, so it purports - I have no idea!


Currently a steal for the winner, I’d guess… if real… ?

Rather than make this a self contained thread… feel free to add your own eBay/Gumtree/etc finds on here - Apple related or not…



PS Oh yeah - not my sale :slight_smile:

I’ve still got one, - and the Mac SE to go inside it. They were called a “Mac Sack”.
Mine has a white swatch with the Apple logo, and is a lighter blue colour bag.
Made in Korea and sold by a Sydney distributor “Light Years Ahead”, according to the tags.
There is a hitch for a shoulder strap on the ends as well as the carry handles.
Got it with the SE in May '87.

I used to lug the SE about in it between home and work, strapped in the back seat like a child. It remained a useful carry bag for “stuff”.

And to think I recently went down to a 13 inch MBP from a 2011 15, because I thought the old girl was a bit too heavy to lug. (and the quad core i7 didn’t offer me that much extra for my use).

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I once had to lug an apple portable around Sydney CBD for a day. Nobody will ever have to do that again. 7.5 kgs plus power brick.

These babies are worth a bit now - last I checked over $1k?

Erwin, there’s one on eBay right now, US$475 Buy It Now…

Was going to start a new thread, but figured it kinda fits here anyway…

Too Good a Deal on eBay?

Yes, of course - if it looks too good to be true, then… it probably is, right?

My wife wanted a new pram, and decided on the UPPABaby Alta… RRP $899, or about $750 via online-only outlets. As luck had it, she found a local-pick-up-only offer on eBay, “only” an hour away, for a “new in box” Alta, for only $500. Yay, she says.

First Alarm - stock picture of the item only… Doesn’t always mean bad things, but can suggest that the seller does not in fact have the advertised item… Also the description was just copied from the manufacturer’s website…

Second alarm… Seller says - pay first, before they will confirm the pick-up address. Odd, I thought - never had a seller insist on payment before pick-up… but ok - they’re not insisting on bank deposit (!), so I’ll have PayPal protection/s…

Third alarm… Upon arriving at the address this morning, the lady hands me a clearly opened box with pram inside… She says it’s unused, only opened to check the colour. Mmmm…

I’d parked in her driveway, so took it back to the car and check the pram out with my wife… who identifies that whilst new looking, there are various accessories missing… not even the instruction booklet present… Walk back up to the door - the lady presumable was watching, and she immediately opens the door… Ask her about it, and she (I suspect) fakes surprise… Her story was that she’d received two prams, and only opened this one to check the colour as the other one was different to the box… Wife asks for a discount so we can buy the missing items, but no go, with seller instead offering a full refund, as “I had other offers higher than yours”…

And to her word, the money’s coming back… But we of course have missed out on what appeared to be a great deal…

SO - Who here actually has got a Too Good To Be True deal on eBay? Or are they all crooks and swindlers?

I had a guy on gumtree try to palm off a 17-inch monitor when he’d advertised a 20-inch. Most annoying was the drive for an hour return to pick it up!

Check this out - AU$5k for a clear developer version of Apple Newton MessagePad!


Wow! That sure fits the bill! Not sure on the price tag… but to someone who has a collection of similar devices, I guess you’d find the money!

Does Gumtree count? I just got a fully working 20" iMac (mid-2007) for $60 :o

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Wow! That’s gotta be at least what - 80% less than the current (eBay) rate… Bargain! I paid around $400 for one in Jan14…

I’ve never used Gumtree… Not sure why I put more faith in eBay… I know there’s a lot of scammers on both, but I guess at least eBay has a few more buyer protection policies… You may get scammed, but hopefully you’ll get your money back eventually.

Yeah, very happy with it. Hoping to track down some RAM for it so I can move it up to Yosemite or El Cap (it only has 1GB at the moment, which won’t take it past SL).

Not bad for $60 plus $8 of RAM :slight_smile:

Not Ebay but Craigslist.


What is it???

Fully loaded

Apple Cinema Display 23" - ok, I know they are ancient now, but still - only $90, and surprise when I picked it up - included the original box!

Now I just need a Mac Pro 4,1 to go with it…

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I am looking for a Mac to get at the end of this November. I hope they through some good deals which I can avail.

Well if it’s like the current situation with Mac Pros, there’ll be a dozen or so people trying to sell them with “buy it now” prices triple the value of what they sell for in a no-reserve auction, that simply means they never sell… meanwhile newcomers are left thinking that the “buy it now” prices are reasonable, and put their machines up at similar prices… If you do keep looking however and find no or low reserve auctions for the machine you want, I’m sure a reasonable price can be found…

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Gumtree: working Macintosh Colour Classic with keyboard and carry case for $10! This was back in the MacTalk days :o

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I never find much exciting on ebay, although my supply of 3rd party watch bands has been interesting, and I did find a decent (but not really the one I wanted) keyboard case for my ipad pro. Then again, I rarely enter into auctions.