Export Contacts from iCloud

I cannot get iCloud to export Contacts. When I click on the gear wheel at the bottom of the page and select 'Export vCard, nothing happens, no dialog box to select where to export to, nothing. I have restarted the computer but still, nothing happens. How can I make this work, please? I have read various user guides and followed what they say, but no joy.
I need to export the contacts so I can import them into my forthcoming new Android phone. (I’m going cheap!)
I have posted this same quey on Apple Communities without any response so I hoping for some help from closer to home

I just tried this. It works for me via Safari on Mac OS FWIW.

Did you select the contact(s) you wish to export first?

I then get a dialog “Do you want to allow downloads on “www.icloud.com””?

After that it opens up the Contacts app to go through the process…

Hope that helps

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When I do an export from iCloud, it downloads them and wants to add them to my MacBook contacts (which are dupes, of course). It leaves a .vcf file in my downloads folder…

Same for me.

Thanks for your replies. Much appreciated. I was trying to export my iCloud contacts using Safari, but that didn’t work, as noted. I tried Chrome, same result. So I tried Firefox. Great, that worked. As mentioned, it saved the vCard in the download folder.
But why wouldn’t it work in Safari. Perhaps it is a quirk in my particular Safari. But I am pleased now I can transfer my contacts to my about to purchase Android phone. I would buy an iPhone, but I just can’t justify paying $700 for a telephone. That’s all I would use it for.
Thanks for all your advice,

There are also apps on the App Store for the phone which will export the contacts to VCF and XLS and CSV

Thanks, I’ll have a look at that. However, I suspect my phone is to old to work with recent apps. It is a 4s, running iOS 7.1.2.