Foldable technology

WOW! Expensive though, understandably.

Damn, that’s ugly when folded.

It’ll be interesting to see where this goes when the tech matures…

. . . . but wasn’t Apple first to market with a foldable phone when they released the iPhone6?


Technology - interesting. Tablet - ok. Phone - terrible.

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I’m interested to see how this category develops over the next 10 years. I think it’s got potential, but it’s very clearly a 1.0 and of course it’s going to be

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I like it but prefer the surface concept that was doing the rounds

Microsoft Courier?

I’m looking forward to Apple making their take on a ‘folding phone’.

Unfortunately, it’s going to be a long wait

Am I the only one thinking - Apple Watch 5? Well - ok, or #7 or something… but - I could see that type of tech lending itself to a wearable… not a phone.

Nope the other one

and now the Huawei Mate X:

This is the Surface concept I meant, Andromeda: Microsoft details secret ‘pocketable’ Surface device in leaked email - The Verge

Nice. I love the Surface line

I saw photos and videos of the Huawei Mate X and honestly, at first it seems really, really cool, but the more I think about trying to actually use it, it just seems like a gimmick. But then, I stood in line to get the very first iPad on opening day, and I did use it for a couple of years, but I eventually sold it realising I didn’t REALLY need a tablet between my phone and my laptop. And now my Samsung Galaxy S8+ is a Phablet anyway. I can’t imagine needing anything bigger without then needing a whole laptop like situation. I’m probably not the demographic for this at all.

I think the iPad is a very genuinely useful product for a great many people though, @kionon.

Like you, I can’t see a foldable phone as being useful. Very gimmicky.

But - the tech itself could have many uses. Take a big screen tv wherever you go. Or as above - some kind of wearable.

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I have no problem seeing the uses for a folding phone. All you have to do is imagine the uses of a phone and the uses of a tablet.

Benefit of buying one instead of a separate phone and tablet?

Cost and convenience.

I’m a person who uses my phone a lot, and I use my iPad a lot. So it only seems the natural progression to have both in one. At least that’s me, not everyone uses their devices as much as I do.

I think it is, but for me my iPhone 6S ended up nearly big enough to do what I mainly did with my iPad 1st gen did but my iPhone 3G or my iPhone 4 could never do. However, now definitely my Galaxy S8+, and I am sure an iPhone whatever plus is more than enough space, @cosmichobo. I could see someone who needs an actual tablet folding it to store it away for greater protection. Dropping it would be less dangerous too, because the screen would be hidden by the outer chassis.

@Dan except but I do. Which is why I call my Galaxy S8+ a Phablet. But then I have small hands (I’m tall, but honestly, I’m slender and pretty small boned, etc). In my hand any of the Plus offerings from Apple or the big Android device makers feel like holding one of the mega candy bars. Barely get my hand around them.

A large screen phone can be productive, there’s no doubt about it. There are things I can do on my 12” iPad Pro that I can still do on my XS, but wouldn’t necessarily want to when I have a larger screen at my disposal. So for me, rather than going back and forth between devices, I’d have them be one and the same. Just a matter of folding/unfolding.

This does make me think of the Apple Pencil. I wonder how they would approach the Apple Pencil with the ‘Apple Fold’. Would it be a full sized pencil you take out when in tablet mode? Or would they opt for something smaller?

Huawei knocked Samsung attempt for a six.

I must say I’m tempted by the Huawei Mate X, it’s just that all my Android experiences are turning me away.

That thing is a stunner though.

The thing I don’t like the look of with the Huawei, is the fold is obvious when the device is fully opened. It doesn’t appear to sit flat like the Samsung does. There were many times in the video I could make out a “fold line” in the middle of the display, or noticed the slight angle of the hinge when the device was fully opened. Looks like you might need to hold it on the fold to keep it sturdy when in use.