For an initially much maligned phone the Xr has done very very well

iPhone Xr the best selling every quarter

I have to admit to feeling a bit smug right now… after being flamed on Whirlpool for saying I was buying one and then buying one and the huge threads about how it would be a failure like the 5C series :rofl:

I had a 5C and I liked it, so… I never bought into this line of thinking. I still see plenty of 5Cs in the wild in Japan. Old people especially. They seemed to like that it has a plastic back and bright colors.

I like colours, it’s a damn shame that there isn’t more of them in tech (and cars) rather than the 50 shades of grey that are … whipped at us?? Not that you get to see most of the colour anyway since they all but require a case these days.

The the 5C came out it was the “cheap” and chearful model, available in colours and quickly became the business phone of choice because of it’s price point (and it was pretty robust in plastic). A shame that it was the previous years model phone and was never updated. (I’ve got two of them sitting here that were used an iPods for a long while).

The iPhone 11 continues where the XR range left off and gives us colour with all the performance of the Pro models with the same A13 CPU and most people would be hard pressed to see the difference between the LCD and the OLED both in terms of resolution or the OLED goodness. The real difference being the extra camera.

Pricing is all over the shop and sizing of the Pro and Pro Max being above and below the iPhone 11 just makes it confusing, but the short version is the iPhone 11 is substantially cheaper at more than 30% less than it’s Pro sister.

The iPhone 11 is the best choice today at $150 more than the XR and much less than the Pro. Sadly that better camera (and it is bloody amazing) is what pushed me up the range to the Pro Max. I’m just really sad there aren’t any (real) colour options in the flagship models.

And yes, I still see plenty of 5C’s floating around in the wild, I also have to say that I don’t know that I have seen more than a handful of iPhone 11 / Pro phones in the wild… something I find pretty strange since they have a pretty distinctive camera structure and normally the new models sell pretty well.

As for the XR leading sales, those stats don’t go parts the release of the new phone do they? I wouldn’t be suprised to see the iPhone 11 take up that position in the next round either.

I would have bought an 11 a week ago if I needed to replace my Xr but yesterday I bought a Xs for my daughter’s 18th birthday yesterday (to replace her damaged earlier iPhone) because JB HiFi had the 64Gb Xr at $999 (in the Dec 26 to Jan 1 catalogue) versus the Xr 64Gb at $1049 and the 11 64Gb at $1199.

Right now the Xs is better value IMHO.

iPhone 11 is my go to recommendation for people unless they are committed to the 2x zoom lens. Personally I can’t see myself going back to non-zoom, but it’s compelling given how much cheaper the 11 is vs the Pro. Most people, the 11 is the right choice.

If only they offered a 128GB Pro… but then I guess everyone would get that instead of 256… :man_shrugging: Apple never like to have it too easy to choose! :joy:

P.S. having had OLED for a while now, I also think I’d struggle on the LCD. It’s definitely not as good. But if you’ve never had OLED, never look at one and you’ll love the 11 screen! :slight_smile:

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