Found a strange iTunes account on my phone

So, here is something odd:

Collected my new iphone today and did the “side by side” upgrade. As part of the process, it asks you to validate some of the apps you installed via different itunes accounts to your standard one. In my case, it was my wife’s and a generic one I used a while back when we did a group buy of TomTom

The oddity is while I was doing this, I had an account come up that I had never seen before and it asked me for the password while I was migrating:


Does anyone know how this would occur? My phone isn’t a hacked version of IOS and my phone is always with me and locked. Is it possible it’s via a developers app?

Update: Ignore this. Seems like after over 10 years, Apple has decided to prompt me for an account that someone sent me one of their songs. Deleted the song from my library.

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