Glow and behold. Apple WWDC21, June 8–12

Any thoughts about what will be announced here?

Hopefully a big tvOS upgrade

My prediction is that Apple TV as a device in its current form is not long for this world, and that it’ll basically become a streaming stick type device just for media, given that the Apple TV media experience is available on smart tv platforms now.

My predictions have in the past been wildly incorrect, so you’ll probably get what you wanted :rofl:

I sincerely hope that’s not the case, I think the Apple TV app being on so many 3rd party devices is the closest you’ll get to a ‘streaming stick’ for Apple. The Apple TV box is something you’ll buy if you want the full experience :+1:

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I’m in this camp also. Apple tends to discontinue products it’s done with, like the HomePod for example. Things it’s planning to update tend to stick around at the same price, no matter how absurd that becomes. Previous model Mac Pro being an example of that.

I think AppleTV hardware is likely to get an update of some description, hopefully a big one. Especially considering how much money they’re dropping into AppleTV+ and how controlling they are about the user experience. But I’ve been spectacularly wrong about future predictions too, so who knows?

I really hope we see a change in the tempo of MacOS updates. The old ‘big updates every year no matter what’ idea seems more and more forced. At very least, a consolidation release would be really good. Apple’s relentless forward movement is not feeling as positive as it used to, but maybe that’s just me.

I’m also hanging out for whatever comes after the M1. The next 18 months are potentially going to be pretty exciting for Mac users and they’re going to have to start rolling out more AS Macs pretty soon if they’re going to beat their previous advice on timing. Under promise and over deliver seems baked into a lot of what they do so I’m expecting that with the transition.

Not just you. Apple doesn’t seem to be as innovative as it was, in the 2000s. Seems to me that for the past few years, its been change for its own sake, rather than for any useful purpose.

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It feels like that’s pretty much the industry as a whole.
I’m looking forward to seeing what craziness Apple Silicon brings to higher end Macs

I agree that the level of innovation has reduced. Mobile phones are now a mature product. There is not as much scope for innovation as in the past.

I have just upgraded from an iPhone 8 to an iPhone 12 Mini. The Mini is a great phone, however the difference in functionality between the 8 and the 12 is not that great. The biggest change is from TouchID to Face ID.

I remember mentioning this to someone a few years ago…

“What more do you want your phone to do that it doesn’t already?”

Reality is, there’s not much.

It would be excellent if I was proved wrong and Apple surprises us with some new must-have features and/or devices. Perhaps even “… one more thing”

They haven’t done a “one more thing” for quite some time now…

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They do “one less thing” now. Less ports etc. :wink:


So, wasn’t really blown away by anything announced. But that may have been because I was hanging out for new hardware.

Is there anything I should be excited about in the many new OS?

I just began watching the keynote… and turned it off. Seems to me that the more new stuff, the further apart we all drift. I don’t get excited about being able to listen/watch etc with friends unless I am actually with them. The thought of watching a movie whilst on facetime just seems wrong. A good friend and a movie are deserving of a lougeroom, together, or being at the movies, together, sharing the popcorn, or whatever. Can’t look at the rest. Don’t think I will be impressed.

I agree Kyte, although I have to accept that I am getting old and millennials are just weird and actually like doing stuff like that.
Anyway, it is probably safer keeping your distance in this current cancel culture :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m excited for anything relating to Apple Wallet. I look forward to being able to use a phone or watch as a house key, hotel key, car key, etc.

I’m hoping we get digital driver’s licenses here at some point too for wallet!

But haven’t heard any rumblings about it yet.


As a Victorian, I’d just be happy with a digital licence like other states have:

SA -

I watched most of it, except when I fell asleep. The only wow moment I saw was when they lined up an iMac, MBP and an iPad, then used the iMac keyboard and mouse to control all three, including dragging a file from the iMac across theMBP to the iPad. (termed “Universal Control”)

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What a letdown of a WWDC. Arbitrary dropping of Macs in MacOS 12, barely anything added to iPad OS… etc