Happy New Year/Hope everyone is safe

Hi all, hope everyone is safe and able to have a Happy New Year.

I feel terribly for all those hit by the fires. I spent most post christmases in the Narooma area as a child and teenager, beautiful Cobargo which has been partially destroyed was a favourite of mine. To anyone who has been affected, I hope you get the help and support you need. To all the brave firies who have gone so far above and beyond in keeping people safe thank you.


Happy new year to you too Oldmacs & everyone, keep safe.

I just got back from a road trip to the Alpine National Park over the weekend and it was heartbreaking as we drove past some of the towns :frowning:

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Happy New Year all :slight_smile:

Happy New Year, Oldmacs, and everyone. It pains me to watch as Straya burns. The family was planning a trip to Australia in February, but it’s been called off because of the fires.

Why? It will have rained by then.

Same thing happened in Queensland after the September bushfires that burned a bit of scrub along one ridge in the Gold Coast hinterland and took out Binna Burra. Tourism cancellation in droves, even for those that weren’t impacted, like nearby O’Reillys the next ridge over. Lost $millions for no reason except vulture media hype.

You’d have to talk to my aunts, they are the ones planning the trip. I’m not going on it, and while my mother was, I think she was just along for the ride. I would have gone if I hadn’t just gone to Europe for five weeks though. Maybe my aunts will figure out the danger will be past and still go on the trip?