Health insurance in Apple Wallet

I just added my health insurance card via their app, one less card I have to carry. Still waiting on driver licence (Victoria) and public transport card (Myki).

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Also, off-topic, but if you did not know, you have a digital Medicare card within the Medicare app. And if you have linked Medicare to myGov and have had 2 covid doses, the Medicare app will have your COVID-19 digital certificate.


The only Apple Pay/Wallet thing I’m interested in more than Myki is Apple Cash, but I’m not seeing that happen anytime soon if at all.

Having Myki on my Apple Watch would be amazingly convenient, every time I go and fetch my Myki card I’m always thinking about it

I do not know much about Apple Cash, would it be like Venmo and Cash App?

I wish the NSW drivers license was available in Apple Wallet, same with Medicare!

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Ditto Opal in NSW. would love that

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Good news is there is a trial going on at the moment for Opal in Apple Wallet :slight_smile:


Got my first chance yesterday to use my digital Medibank Private card :+1:. It did not work :-1:.

Luckily I had my analog Medibank Private card on me. It also did not work :angry:.

So I need to call them to see what’s going on :confused:.

Turns out I don’t have Podiatry cover, hence why my digital and analog cards both didn’t work.

I have always found private health insurance too difficult to understand and navigate.