HELP! MacBook Pro 2015 Retina Screen Dying?

So… Work issued me a 2020 13" right before I went on a major work trip. It’s a JAMF managed device so I do not intend to use it for personal use, because it can all be tracked.

Imagine my horror when returned after a 12 hour flight to my apartment and I booted up my @jaysee provided 2015 15" to find the colors inverted. I of course checked accessibility, and inverted was not selected. Selecting it only kinda helped. I also noticed the colors were shadowed in the corners. I checked an external monitor and sure enough, works perfectly. This to me rules out the GPU.

The screens are incredibly expensive and I’m hoping someone is aware of a trick, maybe I need to reseat some cable connections or something… Otherwise, I will need help sourcing a replacement screen or a whole replacement unit just for the screen. Prices in Japan are insane. 4x what they are in the US. Would someone ship one to me from Straya? I mean, that’s how the MBP got here in the first place.

Currently on my 2009 because it… runs Monterey, has a decent screen (not retina) at 15". I have a 2011 i7 which is much better, but only 13". My eyes are not what they once were, and I’m not even yet 40.

Very slowly improving?

At least it isn’t the entire screen now. This improvement after turning it off Wednesday and letting it sit (it was sitting under the aircon). I’m thinking if I leave it off another three or four days it might improve further?

That’s very odd! The menu bar & icons look ok. I have never seen anything like that before.

I have a 2015 13" MacBook Pro. The screen has started to delaminate. It looks awful when it is turned off but when it is on you can hardly notice it.

I figured it out. On the entire internet, three different reports on this issue surfaced. From each of them I was able to piece together the problem and the solution:

The liquid crystals had ceased being, uh, viscous? I guess? Couldn’t flow/take on new color values. But they weren’t damaged. They were… “asleep” kinda? And the solution is waking them up… sorta. So for several hours, I ran action television shows. And slowly but surely, it returned to normal. It’s all good now.

But here’s the thing. All three reports were specifically this year, this model. So there must be something about this particular batch of screens where it does this. Luckily it does not appear to be permanent.

Really happy I don’t need a new screen.

Wow. Well done on finding a solution…

I felt bad, because each of the three reports had a piece of the puzzle, but none of them had figured out to totality. While some saw improvement, and I hope usage eventually fixed it for them, I saw no evidence they came back to update the threads (which were years old). Some people were recommending they get Apple to replace the screen.

Something to remember for the future…