Help - save a dead(?) MBP 15

I’ve got a 2013 Retina Macbook Pro 15" that got dropped, and (surprise surprise) appears to be dead. No signs of life other than the Magsafe power indicator still lights up when it’s connected.
Nothing rattles inside. I fear it’s cactus, but I’m looking for suggestions of things I might try before I give up on it for good. I could take it in to a service centre, but I suspect that would cost more than the exercise is worth, seeing as I’m pretty sure it’s dead.
At this stage, the only thing I can think of is taking off the bottom and check inside in the home that I find something’s shaken loose that I can put back in place. Can’t do that yet because it needs a pentalobe screwdriver, which I’ll have to go out & buy.
Any other ideas?
Thanks in advance.

Sorry for redirecting you to bookface but,

Antonio is not authorised and yet he can fix just about anything. He has worked on my computers also so it’s not just a name I pulled out of a lucky draw hat. His prices are not astronomical either.

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Thanks for the idea, but I’m in Hobart, and I very much doubt it’s worth the shipping cost to get it to Queensland. This is very much a ‘hail mary’ move, with little expectation of a good outcome, so I’m not keen on spending much.

OMG, I did it! Got a screwdriver set from Jaycar that included pentalobe screwdrivers, and took the back off. Nothing seemed to have come loose. Lots of dust, which I blew out with compressed air. Put it back together and… it’s working again!
That was $29 well spent…


Occasionally, but all too occasionally, the simple remedy works. Good on you.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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missed opportunity to upgrade to a 16"

Thanks Orestes. Took your advice about Mac repairs. Agree, price very reasonable and service great.

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