HomeKit globe, white dimmable

Looks for a simple dimmable HomeKit compatible globe.

White only, and is for a room lamp so no need for a switch (not the main light).

I have an Apple TV and HomePod mini, so control not an issue.

I have seen reference here to a few option, and can source LIFX globes locally for ~$25. Price seems good comparative to other smart globes (if a lot higher than regular ones).

Anyone share their experiences, suggestions (most posts about smart globes from a year or more ago?)

Thats the way to go then, I’ve only been able to get them for $32. Been using LIFX for a couple of years now, no complaints, and they last a long long time. (25 yrs I think they say)

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The Nanoleaf Essentials globes are excellent, and if you have a HomePod mini the globes support thread. I’ve put these globes in four lamps now and find them great.

I have finally had success with LIFX globes by using the LIFX app to setup and use them.

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