HomePod v HomePod mini

With rumours(?) that Apple is discontinuing the HomePod, I am revisiting getting one.

I have had a HomePod mini for a couple months now, and am enjoying having it.

My overarching Q is for those of you who have a HomePod and a mini, is is the sound difference that noticeable with the full size version? As an extension, I assume this would be more clear using it in a larger room/space?

Rumours also refer to a smaller v2 of the HomePod replacing the current mode?

Appreciate comments-experiences.

Sound is waaaaaay better on the full size one. I’m quite bummed they chose to discontinue. Issue was always price. I’ve got two that I bought for $250 a piece off Facebook market place. Feels like the right price for them. They are sensational speakers imho. The mini is great on my bedside table, but can’t fill my kitchen or living room.

Thanks (I’d buy two if they were that price!). I have heard they are much better when paired.

I have been looking for used ones for a little while.

I read that you cant pair them for any source, only for Apple media. That’s an irritating restriction.

For eg, if i want to stream tunein radio via my phone to two speakers around the house, can anyone confirm that cant be done?

A HomePod pair appears as one speaker, so as long as whatever media you’re playing conforms to the standard iOS audio routing, you can absolutely play TuneIn, or Spotify, or whatever, through your HomePod pair from your iPhone or iPad.

Cool, that’s me fairly close to buying a pair then.

One failing of Amazon’s Echo speakers is if you want to have, say, the radio on as you are working around the house listening to the footy, you have to launch each one individually, meaning they aren’t synced. The idea of of two HomePods around the house playing the same source I love!

Anyone paired a couple with ATV yet to use as a TV speakers?