HomePod - Who’s thinking of getting one, and how many?

Hi all

Now that the HomePod has been announced, who’s thinking of getting one?

Also, I’m wondering if 1 of them is enough if I want to use it for music and TV, or whether I need a minimum of 2 for surround sound?

Please post here! :slight_smile: We can pre-order together…

I think I’ll pass. I have AirPlay speakers allover my house already, and if I’m having a multi-room party I just play to them all from iTunes now and use iTunes remote. It seems like a cool product for a small apartment, and if I were starting fresh I’d consider them, but the Yamaha AirPlay stuff I have now is great, and also supports Spotify and internet radio (other than Beats 1 Radio) so I’m not especially excited about the HomeHub to be honest. :thinking:

One to start with. I have Sonos all over the house. Mainly interested in HomeKit control, although it may be an expensive non-essential solution.

I am considering it. I have no airplay speakers or anything like Homepod. I’ll wait til pricing is released. I’m more interested in the iPad Pro, though.

I’m working on the assumption of $499 on release and will be very likely to get one and closely follow it with a second should the audio quality live up to expectations

I’m still rocking an iPod Hifi, which has phenomenal sound quality and the benefit of optical audio in (and/or 3.5mm in). Somehow I doubt the new Apple would make such a future proofed device. I can’t see the HomePod in my future anytime soon to be honest. I don’t use ‘Hey Siri’ on any of my devices either.

If only Siri were smart enough to start music playing on an AirPlay speaker now. It’s got a long way to go…

So I’m not holding my breath that the HomeHub will be anywhere near as revolutionary as Apple are saying. I’d love to be wrong, and see a major update to Siri’s capabilities. Apple talk about Siri like it works really well. I find the dictation works really well, but the usability is seriously hit and miss, to the point that it’s always more efficient to do it manually on the whole (other than simple things like “Call Name” or “Send a text to Name”).


Way too expensive for what it is in my view, and yet another audio device that totally leaves out mid range speakers. Systems with only tweeters and woofers make my ears cringe

Oh that, and Siri seriously sucks for actually doing the right thing when asked, it’s voice regonition accuracy is far below Googles

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That seems realistic and is not something I will pay for it, so I guess… nope, not for me.

I’m more impressed that you have a sewing room!!! With hi fi in it!


So… It’s a speaker, that can play music from your iTunes library (or… whatever)… And has Siri, so can answer Siri-like questions by voice control… And that’s half the cost of a Mac Mini?

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Well yes, Cosmic. Also, compared with a long neglected and neutered mac mini, probably better value.


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I’ll probably end up getting two. I don’t have speakers in the kitchen or bedroom at the moment, and couple it with one of the eve power points I’ll be able to tell Siri to turn on my coffee machine.

So that crosses one of my Christmas List

I suspect it was announced as a reaction to the popularity of Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Homepod will have to be pretty amazing for me to get one. I’ve got a Google Home and a Google Mini. They are very handy, not to mention Google assistant just craps all over siri I’m afraid.

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Or maybe the cat was about to get out of the bag…

Either way - very frustrating ultimately. Not that I want one, but like the iMac Pro - it feels like old news, yet it’s not even available…

Add me to the not likely group. Now have a Google Home Mini and finding it a useful if not life changing device.

In terms of music speakers have a Boss Soundtouch so not likely looking for another bluetooth speaker.

In fact I suspect I will end up with a second Home Mini for $79 to have up the other end of the house.

One thing the Home Mini has done is I now use Google Calendars as it is very useful to walk past and just ask what is on for the week ahead (Wiggles concerts and Child Care Carols the upcoming highlights).

So apparently it’s not going to be much longer that we need to wait.

HomePod arrives 9 February, available to order this Saturday.

HomePod is available at RRP A$499 inc. GST in white and space grey and is available to order beginning Saturday, 27 January (AEDT), from apple.com/au and the Apple Store app.

Google Home - $200.
Apple HomePod - $500.

For Siri + Speaker?

I’m finally clearing a space to set up my Cube, which I’m planning on doing as a headless unit with its little clear speakers, using WiFi to access iTunes and serve as a music hub. No Siri… but still paid less than that.

Its been so long since the announcement, and its still only a speaker + Siri. Not interested, not even if it was cheaper than that utterly ludicrous price.