How do I removel the rounded corners in a QuickTimePlayer window?

I want to take a few screenshots of a video I’m playing in QuickTimePlayer (Version 10.5), but since the rounded corners on the window obviously obscure some pixels in each corner I need to find a way to get rid of the rounded corners.

I therefore did a Google search and found the following Terminal command that kills the rounded corners, which is:

defaults write MGCinematicWindowDebugForceNoRoundedCorners 1

HOWEVER when I entered the command in Terminal then restarted QuickTimePlayer the rounded corners are annoyingly STILL THERE! So obviously this Terminal command simply doesn’t work!

Therefore can anyone tell me the Terminal command that does remove the rounded corners. Thanks.

I’d just use VLC

or IINA (

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Or play on iPad or iPhone and screenshot from there?

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Yeah, that’s what I use these days too…

I have ‘MPlayer OSX Extended’, but for some reason it doesn’t give as good an image quality as QuickTimePlayer. For example if I play the same video in both players and pause on the exact same frame and view with ‘Digital Color Meter’ to directly compare the image quality between the two, the image quality in QuickTimePlayer is noticeably sharper, particularly with any details in red or predominantly reddish colour. I don’t know if perhaps QuickTimePlayer is maybe applying a sharpening algorithm to the red channel. Else why wouldn’t the image quality be bit for bit identical in both players if they’re both reading the same identical image data!

So on pure image quality alone I’d prefer to stick with QuickTimePlayer - at least where I need to take screenshots. If I just want to ‘watch’ a video then other media players like MPlayerX or VLC are probably better.

In regards to QuickTimePlayer, it’s not just the rounded corners I need to remove, but actually the whole border as there’s a 1 pixel border around the video frame that actually covers over the left and right and top and bottom most pixels of the video frame which is no good if I want to take a screenshot of the ‘whole’ image i.e on a 720x480 video frame I’m only getting 718x478 pixels as well as loosing more pixels in each corner. Of course media players like MPlayerX and VLC show the ‘full’ frame i.e. no missing pixels!