How does Apple Trade-in work?

Do you pay full price and then get a refund when you send your [whatever] in to them?

You take the device in with you.
They make an offer, if accepted you get an Apple Gift Card to that value.
The gift card is applied to the sale & you pay the remainder.
At the time I did it, Jan 2019, the price was good.
From memory it was a promotion at the time.
iPhone X to iPhone XS Max.

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There is also an option to have a pick up done at your location, I’ve done that becuase I live 150km from the nearest Apple store but it is slow.

Having said that I found that mobile monster offererd a better price than Apple did last time around so maybe shop around first?

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I was looking at buying a phone online. Even though the Apple store is just a few km away, I’m no longer able to walk the distance required in the shopping centre, without a great deal of difficulty, so I was looking to the online option instead.

So what would be the process then. They offer me $x for my phone, and I say yes, OK, I’ll take that… Do they charge the full price right away, or do they wait until they have my phone in hand, which is presumably collected by a courier (at the same time as the new one is delivered?)… before I am given a discount. Its not really explained on site.

Maybe I should just bite the bullet and take my wheelie walker with me so I can make it from the carpark to the store.

I was charged the full price up front. I was asked a series of questions about the condition of my phone and based upon those answers I was offered a trade in price. Then they sent out a padded pack/box which I put my phone in and sent it back to Apple. After it arrives they check over the phone to see that it matches what I’ve described. They say that if it doesn’t then the trade in valuation may alter but mine didn’t (but then I told the truth about my phones condition). After a couple of weeks I got a partial refund to the amount of the trade in valuation on the credit card I’d used to buy the phone with.

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Thanks for that, exactly what I wanted to know :slight_smile:

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They usually offer an ordinary price. Better off through Mobile Monster, I’ve sold all my phones through them, smooth streamlined service. You can get an instant quote via their website, accept it, post it off and within a few days the money goes into your account. Great service. Have sold my last four iPhones through them.

Yeah, for me theres a need to balance convenience with what I get for the phone. MM offered $420 as opposed to Apple’s $300 for a current model SE still under warranty.

How long does the process take, with Mobile Monster?

I tried Mobile Monster a few years ago and they sent me a revised price once they had my phone. They said the screen had dead pixels and another issue I can’t recall which wasn’t right as the phone was in perfect working order but didn’t pass their tests. Had them send it back and I sold it via eBay.

I have used Catch of the Day trade in for my old Apple watch, that was quick and painless and I just had store credit applied but they also do money into account like MM. Just another option!

I think when the time comes, I’ll just buy and send to Apple. I almost always take the easy way out. For me, thats it.