iCal (oops, Calendar) Maps

I belong to a club here in Adelaide which just holds two meetings a month at member’s homes. I was just putting the next 6 months worth of meetings into the Calendar app when I noticed something a bit weird.

All the members are listed in Contacts. When making a new Event for a meeting, as I start typing the person’s name it comes up with contacts & you just select them. Same with the address. However, on some events but not others it also comes up with a map & then you can select the actual travel time to that address. Why would this map come up in some Events & not others?!? :roll_eyes:

I should say this is on my Mac, not iOS but if I look on my iPhone there are no maps in the Events where they don’t come up on new Events…

No major insights, I just know that Contacts seems to be a law unto itself… My dad wanted to remove my old email address from Mail so he didn’t keep on accidentally emailing the wrong addy. Hadn’t used that one in over 10 years. Removed it from the recipients list, and from the Address book/Contacts… but it was still coming up.

I cannot recall the exact details, but I do remember that one of my really old email addresses kept being suggested in mail. I eventually found that it was being suggested by Siri.

Check whether:
Settings/Siri & Search/Mail/Show in App
is enabled.

If so, disable it and see whether the problem disappears.

This seems to have sorted itself out now…