If you wanted an EV quickly, what would you buy?

For reasons I can’t really go into at the moment, I am in the market for an EV and the primary determinant of what I get is how quickly I can get my hands on it.

I would be really tempted to get a Model S if I could get one soon, but Tesla’s website is utter shite in terms of getting a potential ship date - they demand a deposit before they will even show you a price let alone expected date. Hopeless.

I’m somewhat aware of other cars on the market, but no other currently available models are jumping out at me just yet. Type and features are pretty secondary here, which must sound bizarre, but that’s the situation I have unexpectedly found myself in - use it or lose it basically.

I know there are a few EV nerds here, so thought I would see what people think I should look at and if there’s a way to get this basic info out of Tesla. I’ve booked a call with them, but waiting to hear back.

What’s your budget?

Not fixed, though I figured a Model S would be around $200k, which would be manageable. Maybe 250 if it was absolutely compelling.

I feel the need to add that I have never considered spending this sort of money on a car (or anything else besides a house) before and am only considering it due to unique circumstances I suddenly find myself in.

Honestly… the EV market is still very very new and it’s going to change a lot over the next 5 years (let alone 10 years). If it was me I’d just buy a Nissan Leaf as a ‘gap filler’ until the other big brands get their act together and then replace it in 3 to 5 years.

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This is good advice and basically what I tell people who ask me about it. My window of opportunity is very small though unfortunately.

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Ok that’s a serious budget. :slight_smile:

If it’s me:

Porsche Taycan
Audi E-Tron GT

Tesla Model S definitely

Are the first 3 too sporty?

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Great suggestions that I had not considered, thank you! And not too sporty at all. I’ve spent a good part of my driving life on motorcycles, often doing risky things. I love high performance stuff.

Are these all currently available do you know? I will make some calls tomorrow, but just interested if they’re all actually shipping here.

I’ve seen a few Taycans and i8s on the road. The e-Tron GT needs to be ordered. I reckoned they are all back ordered if you want new but there may be second hand or demo stock available.

Taycan would be my first choice.

The e-Tron isn’t here until September according to the Audi site. The Taycans look really interesting, though I might find it challenging to adapt to something that would draw so much attention where I live.

I don’t have to go for something of this calibre either. Main thing is to get into an EV.

Jaguar i-pace is nice

So is the Mercedes EDC

But they are SUVs not sure you want one of those.

Does it need to be new? There are always a bunch of EVs on Carsales.

Yes, they’re both interesting, thanks.

Good thought. I hadn’t really considered second hand, but I see there are a few.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. Haven’t made a decision yet, so if anyone has anything else, I am all ears.

If you want something quick, then second hand is probably your only option. Delivery of new cars are very delayed at the moment.

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Yes, though it turns out there are a few Polestars available for delivery by the end of the month, so I jumped on one.

540km range; 170kW; 0-100 in 7.4 seconds.

Range is the only critical thing for me. I nearly went for a 2015 Model S, which was around the same price, but this will be easier to deal with I think. I will be renting a Tesla when I get a chance. New ones aren’t available until September, alas!

Thanks for all the suggestions guys!



I should have mentioned Polestars. :slight_smile:

7.4s for 0-100 is a bit slow for my liking but otherwise it looks awesome!

Yeah, I was a bit sad about that too, but it’s far quicker than my current ride, so it will feel great I’m sure.