iMac G4 is 20 years old

I lusted after one of these but bought a 2004 eMac G4 instead - my first Mac. There is a second-hand bookshop in an arcade in Hobart with one of these next to the till. Still working well apparently. Worth much these days?


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Just posted about this over on MacRumors :slight_smile:

That computer was amazing - such clever design, form, function. Everything lacking in today’s iMacs. (Bit harsh of me, but honestly - the most impressive thing about 2020’s M1 iMac, having set one up for my dad a month ago - was the box.)

If you have a working iLamp these days, you’ll get around $200 - $500 on eBay, depending on specs. If I was you, I’d hold onto it for another 10 years. I think they’ll go up in value long term, especially when they are scarcer. They are still pretty regular on eBay now…

And - Same boat here! The eMac was $800 cheaper, so I went that route as well. Not my first Mac, but - my worst experience… Bad Caps. Not fun. A good work horse though.

I did end up with an iLamp - it was my dad’s first computer, which I purchased for him in '06 second hand. I’ve been custodian since '13. No use for it… but, can’t bring myself to get rid of it.

It wasn’t mine but back in June 2021 it was surprising to see one still being used in a business.
Our eMac was a great intro to OS X. When we moved on from it my dad loved it for a few more years.

I reckon hang onto your iLamp.

I’m sure there would be plenty of real world examples of how the G4 iMac could still be useful today.

The main issue with these machines comes down to the internet. Protocols have moved on, and getting modern enough browsers to run would be your problem…

But if you’re using it as a cash register… provided it could talk to EFTPOS machines etc… should be ok.

This is by far the best computer design Apple ever made. I bought a secondhand one a few years ago - not to use but to keep as a collectors item. It still works. Runs OSX Tiger. I keep it up on the bookshelf in my home office.

I still have an iMac G4. Used to belong to my grandfather. Original 700mhz model. I upgraded it with 512mb of RAM and added a WIFI card from an old iBook to it. For a while I used it as a jukebox as I have the Harmon Kardon speakers for it. But connectivity is really the issue stopping me from getting more use out of it.
I don’t have wired networking to where it resides, and not really any other place to move it to that is wife approved. The old wireless dongle won’t connect to any modern WIFI. So getting music on there can only really be done via USB. And the USB speeds on that are terribly slow also. So you can’t just use it for suddenly listening to tunes, you need to pre-emptively load them on for later listening.

I have thought about using it for a project to swap out the internals for something else. Saw the post where someone did this with a M1 mini internals. Lots of work though. And my model is only a 15" screen at that. Seems like it would be more worthwhile with a 21" model.

So suspect I am just going to have it sit there, disconnected. It’s a damn shame.
Remember staying up and watching the announcement event live. Blew my mind when I first saw it.

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I found two in good condition that a colleague and I were going to buy, but when we got to the dudes place to have a look at them, he upped the price from $150 each to $400 each. “Yeah thanks for your time and good luck selling them.”

Few years later, cleaning out an office at a different employer… “What’s the go with this iMac G4?” “Ahh, bin it.” “Really? No way. I’ll give it a home!”

Absolutely stunning condition. No original keyboard or mouse and the speakers were busted, but otherwise it literally lived on a desk and didn’t discolour at all!

In retrospect, kinda wish I grabbed the G4 Cube too…

I was just reading this topic & realised that I have never owned an iMac!

I did know a couple of people who had the G4 model. I wonder what happened to them?

At some point in the mid-late 00’s my sister-in-law bought an iLamp second hand… and when she had enough of it, my father in law took it off her, as he was curious about Mac OS. Problem was he couldn’t get it to boot. When I was visiting, I got it going for him, and was hopeful that’d get some use out of it (he’s only ever been PC).

Next visit, I asked how he’d gone with the Mac… Decided he didn’t have time to worry, so he threw it out. sigh I would so have found a way to get it home with me on the plane!

Why do people do stuff like that!?!

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When he told me he’d tossed it, I was flabbergasted, but of course to him, it held no real value. I mean - this was probably a 5+ year old computer. In PC terms it was junk. LOL