iOS 13.2 issue

Hi, updated to iOS 13.2 on my iPhone 7 this morning, I went to the app store on my phone to download an app but the screen keeps refreshing preventing me from pressing the get button, resetting the phone, powering off/on, restoring from backup doesn’t seem to fix it. Any ideas what to do next

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Mate I wish I had a promising answer for you. It’s just a shambles update. From missed calls alerts not clearing through mail app completely stuffed to even affecting maps app in one way or another :frowning:

Maybe downgrade to previous stable release?

I’ve considered going back to iOS 12 since going to 13 I’ve had nothing but issues and the drain on my battery is worse now than it was when I upgraded to 13 and its a new battery from the Apple store, I only use wifi or bluetooth when I’m ready to connect to a device otherwise it stays off which gives me more than a day before needing to recharge.

Sadly you can’t downgrade to iOS 12 anymore. I’ve had all sorts of issues with 13. And 13.2 seems to be just as bad.

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I finally updated to 13.2 on my new iPad, I wouldnt have bothered except I wanted to get AppleTV+, and could only do it with the latest OS. Dammit. ATV+ may be alright in future but its a bit naff right now (certainly not worth paying for)

imore and MacRumors & few other sites are reporting memory management and multitasking issues being more prevalent with 13.2 and I’m seeing this on my phone with the apps constantly re loading including some apple apps, hopefully 13.2.1 fixes it when it comes out.


yeah same here, lots of issues with Music app since iOS 13…