iOS 14 (discussion)

So iOS 14 has been announced, figured this would be a good place to discuss what we all think. Personally I can’t wait to install the public beta and really give it a go. Initially I had heard it was just going to be a boring no-features maintenance update but I’m glad that was proven wrong.

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Honestly I was hoping for a ‘boring, no features maintenance update’ because everytime Apple stuff around with the OS I have to put up with bugginess (and learn new gestures and how it all works).

What happened to ‘it just works’.

I’m looking forward to it.

I’m personally looking forward to it. App organisation is something I am very keen to get into as I find the current system of dragging apps between screens a little clunky.

It’s interesting how there’s the Android people in my office who are all ‘Apple are finally catching up’, but they don’t talk about privacy! :slight_smile:

It’s sad that there are still significant bugs in iOS 13 that haven’t been fixed yet. Specifically because I work in the vision-impairment sector, I am curious about why they can’t fix the conflict between dark mode and smart invert, this bug has been there since iOS 13 came out and still exists today.

Anyway overall I am looking forward to iOS 14/macOS Big Sur and the new generation of Macs we are about to see.

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I was hoping the same. iOS 13 has been a train wreck even though it was supposedly meant to improve performance. Was hoping for a 10.16 Snow Leopard style release to fix the Catalina train wreck but no such luck (plus they dropped my Mac for no reason).

Yeah Apple seems to be the only company that cares about privacy, one of the reasons I stick with them.

Amen there are so many bugs still in iOS 13. Apparently the same mail bug that has persisted since iOS 13.0 beta 1 is still in iOS 14 beta 1.

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The new home screen features will be optional since you don’t have to use widgets and you don’t have to use the app library, personally I’m really keen on both

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The sooner we can move past iOS 13 the better. Obviously they should have done the American thing and skipped from 12 to 14!

I’m going to love picture in picture, watch live sport and do something else simultaneously. Happy we can finally choose a default mail app.

And widgets finally. Won’t be as customisable as I’d like but I’m still happy. Stacks might be useful.

Compact calls is long overdue. I rarely receive calls though so I won’t get much use of this feature.

Above from the weather app thread, just gave me an idea. I‘m sure this won’t be possible immediately, but I wonder if it would be handy to be able to create a widget from a webpage home screen icon. So rather than a widget for the BOM app, a widget for the BOM site.

For sure. Lets hope iOS 14 is actually an improvement though!

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Is anyone here on the beta? Apparently Australian Siri has those fancy improvements to his and hers voices. Would be curious to hear her new voice for sure.

If the public beta is stable I’ll give it a go if only to be rid of iOS 13. In all the years using an iPhone, iOS 13 has been the worst.

The most annoying bug is whenever I start a new message or note it never puts a capital letter on the first word. Predictive text is also screwed up.

The iOS 14 features look good too.

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Heres hoping!!

Happy to see two lesser-known additions to iOS 14 that I’ve been wanting for ages: photo captions and deeper zoom. Would still rather a notes field for every photo.

You mean like dashboard on Mac OSX?

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Thanks Dan, that would lessen the learning curve.

I do admit I’m looking forward to the new compact phone call tab, that’s been a nuisance for years and the improvement to maps is welcome (although I have no issues using them with carplay now).

App organization has never bothered me, I do it when I set the phone up and hardly ever add or delete apps because I’ve got a standard list of apps I install when I set up a phone (a noticible exception was my choice of weather app for a while).

I suppose the privacy improvements are useful (in theory) but google tracks me anyway so meh.

My biggest want is it to be more stable that iOS 13.


You’re welcome. I think the app library would be great for me since I have hundreds of apps. Right now I’m just fighting the urge to install the developer beta.

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or notifications in iPadOS

So the iOS 14 public beta is out now. I’ve put it on my 11 Pro Max (does anyone else think this iPhone model name sounds like a type of medication?).

Anyway basically for a beta it actually feels quite ‘snappy/solid’ in performance. I love the app library and the widgets. I’m trialing just having one screen of apps and one for a few widgets and everything else just lives in the App Library.


Outlook and Gmail apps have been updated and can now be selected as the Default Mail App. To choose either one of them as the default app, in the Settings app, scroll down to either of them and you will see a Default Mail App option. The default will be Mail. Changes you make to Gmail will show in the settings for Outlook and Vice Versa. You can do likewise for Chrome as Default Browser App, other browsers may come on board soon.

This is not how I would have implemented these settings. I would have thought it more intuitive to have a Default Apps entry, then Default Browser App and Default Mail App, but I guess Apple would rather make you go look for these settings which many would not even know of.

NB: I have heard that there may be a bug in that these settings revert to the built-in apps when if you restart your device. I imagine that bug will be fixed in an upcoming point release.