iOS/iPadOS Home-screen Widgets

Now that iOS 14 is officially here, it’s going to take a while before we start finding good 3rd party widgets. I figure this would be a good place to share any new ones we come across that others would probably be keen to know exists.

I figure I’ll get the ball rolling. Apollo (Reddit) app is one of the first I’ve seen. Has a few options, main one I’d use is the subreddit shortcuts option

I plan on waiting 2-3 weeks before I install iOS 14. I will be keen to see widgets for the various weather apps, then deciding which weather app I want to use for myself and which looks the best and is easiest for my 78yo mother to use.

I’ve been on the public beta since the start but everything has been working fine especially since it officially released

I’m considering what widgets would be helpful for my elderly mother. So far it would be the 2x2 Apple clock and the 2x2 Battery widget. I really wish the battery widget included the Maximum Capacity.

I also wish the clock widget had an option for 1 or 4 digital clocks.

I’m looking forward to how good or bad the widgets will look for the various weather apps.

I’m seeing some apps whose sole purpose is providing heaps of customisable widgets. I imagine such apps might be buggy for a few weeks, but the potential looks promising.

This also looks interesting, build your own widgets from Shortcuts