iPhone 11 $400 off - Optus offer ends 26 May 2022


Tomorrow is the last day to get the iPhone 11 with a $400 discount from Optus. (Works out to half price if you get the 64GB phone I believe.)

I know, because I upgraded my wife’s iPhone 8 Plus last month.

The one caveat - you need to change to Optus’ new post paid plans. From what I can tell, they are the same plans as before, except now you MUST give them a c/card or bank account to deduct your payments from, instead of just paying the account in your own time.

At the time I upgraded my wife’s phone, I also let them change my plan (but keeping my old phone) so that we could keep data sharing. Now that I am trying to get myself an iPhone 11 however - they are telling me I can’t change my plan within 30 days of the last change - so no iPhone 11 for me.




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I spent ages last night trying to sort out getting this new phone via the online chat people, to the point that I had been told that yes I could get the phone on my desired number, going through all the authentication process etc etc, clicking “AGREE” to the purchase, and THEN being told actually no, can’t attach it to your post-paid account/s - will have to use your prepaid account instead (my son’s emergency phone). NO THANKS! Not what I just agreed to.

(As noted - this is really pissing me off that the sales team are repeatedly - EVERY encounter I have - trying to get me to change it to post-paid. Obviously an order coming from above. They “lie” through their teeth, offering a discount on the post-paid plans that will allegedly make it cheaper than pre-paid – and yet it doesn’t! Prepaid - I pay $30/42 days ($0.714 per day), versus the cheapest plan of $45/month with a 25% discount ($1.109 per day). My way saves $144/year. Grrrr)

So this morning I rang the Optus sales team, spoke with a lady from “Sydney” who was able to attach the iPhone 11 to my post-paid number as desired, no dramas about my contract expiry date. The only drama was - she also tried to get me to change the pre-paid phone with the lure of that discount. She asked me to confirm how I was working out that my way was cheaper… and when I told her - she conceded the point.

Frustrating, but got the desired outcome - - well, so long as I don’t end up with 2 x iPhone 11’s turning up next week…


I admire your persistence and the maths required here cosmic!

I gave up trying to rationalise with telcos a couple of phones ago and have just been buying outright from Costco. Not hundreds off the handset, but the discount covers the Costco member ship for the year and when I partner the outright cost of the phone with a decent prepaid plan (80gb/$25 a month) over a couple of years it’s ended up being significantly cheaper.

The only downside I’ve found is that not being with one of the major telcos, I haven’t yet had the pleasure of 5G.

Might have to review this when I’m due to upgrade next year.

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