iPhone 12 Preorder thread 2020

So who’s going to preorder the iPhone 12 Pro tonight?

I am.

Will have to wait a bit longer for the Max.


Planning to get a 128GB Mini in Green for my Wife tonight.

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Not tonight for me. I have to wait for Vodafone to get their order process underway. They did text msg me today and gave me a number that they’ll be calling me on so that’s a start at least.

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Same boat here, but I’m gonna try see if there’s the option to get it on their website. Otherwise I might just bite the bullet and get it straight from Apple. Really the only difference is paying the full amount now or /12, /24, /36 depending on the repayment option.

Should also throw it out there, kinda leaning toward the 12 Pro Pacific Blue. I’ve had a blue case on my current and previous iPhone, plus have always had a black one so maybe time for something different…

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No pre-order for me this year, as I already have an iPhone 11 Pro. Enjoy your 12 mini/12/12 Pros!

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Is the mini not available for pre order?


Answered my own question:

“Pre-orders for iPhone 12 begin Friday, October 16, with availability beginning Friday, October 23. iPhone 12 mini will be available for pre-order beginning Friday, November 6, and in stores beginning Friday, November 13.”

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Well that was cool - Vodafone jumped the gun on pre-order time…

iPhone 12 Pro 128 Pacific Blue ordered already!

Delivery according to Vodafone: 4-6 weeks.

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Got a gold 12 Pro - delivery 26/10 - was in on the 1st minute.


Good thing I ordered early. When I decided to get a second MagSafe charger I was getting this error.

Got a call back from Vodafone this morning, I have to upload ID today (not a Vodafone customer currently) and I have a callback sheduled for tomorrow morning.

So far Vodafone are doing better than Optus did last time or Telstra the time before that I did carrier orders for my earlier iPhones.

edit photo of ID uploaded with linked website (worked well on the phone), waiting for callback now.

edit 2 Got the second call back later in the afternoon (still the same day), was told credit check passed and gave the direct debit details. After the spiel about the details of the plan the staff member checked (without prompting from me) and said that my iPhone 12 128Gb in Blue was showing as delivering during the week starting on 27 October (or 2 to 3 weeks) which isn’t too bad.

edit 3

Just remembered that Apple have deleted the charger (bad idea) from the phone boxes this time around so I hopped onto the Apple store and ordered a USB C charger. Then while I was there I remembered they also deleted the wired headphones (which I unlike most people actually use) mainly because my ears are of a shape that the standard wireless earpods fall out of easily (and the pro ear pods are outside my budget).

And while I was browsing accessories (looking mainly at cases) I saw that Apple are now selling Beats Flex wireless ear phones, which come with the same W1 chip that Apple put into their wireless earpods so they should work seamlessly with the iPhone and at $79.95 they’re a relative bargain. Also they come with a linking wire between the ear pods which is missing from both types of Apple ear pods which is another plus in my book.


They’re delivering on 26 Oct and 27 Oct which is the same week my phone is supposed to arrive so that is convenient but I didn’t find a case I liked on the Apple store. I might just grab a Spigen case from eBay for now.

edit 4 This process is moving along quicker than I expected. I just got an email from Vodafone with a tracking email. The tracking email does say ‘waiting for more stock’ but it also says ‘expected to ship 22nd October’ so it’s looking even better :slight_smile:

edit 5 I got a text saying that my order status had changed with a link to check the altered status and it has changed from ‘waiting for stock’ to ‘Your order is being prepared for Delivery’.

edit 6 Text message saying that my phone has been shipped with StarLink and I have me a tracking number, the number isn’t showing up yet (probably too soon).

edit 7 Tracking shows phone left Sydney StarTrak depot on 22/10/20 estimated Bendigo 26/10/20

edit 8 Scanned at Bendigo depot and listed as on board for delivery 27/10/20

Will be preordering a 128gb Pro Max in (probably) white. I’ve always had the largest iPhone and was all set this year to get the smaller Pro, but I want the best Camera possible, and unfortunately this year the smaller Pro fails to deliver.

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I preordered the iPhone 12 Pro Gold 512gb through Telstra. Ended up preordering this morning so no idea what kind of delay I’m going to end up with

Legit Question: Why 512GB? What do you do with 512GB of storage on a phone?

Side Note: The day they allow MacOS to run on an iOS device (even if it has to be docked to do so) I think 512GB iPhones/iPads will very quickly come into their own… hell, they cost as much as a laptop now!

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I confess I’ve often wondered that myself, my Xr is actually a 256Gb but it’s never had more than about 80Gb on it even when I’ve downloaded Netflix episodes to it because of an upcoming long plane trip and this time I just went with 128Gb.

Nb my iPad is 128Gb also but my laptop is 256Gb and that’s actually too small (it’s got an external 512Gb SSD drive plugged into it most of the time).

My phone is 256GB as I found I was constantly filling the 128GB model before it, photos can make up a decent chunck, but mostly it’s video I download to the phone for train trips (mostly because I find streaming too unreliable while on a train). The only time I’ve filled the 256GB is during this WFH / COVID situation because the shows automatically sync to the phone and I’m very very far behind on lots of shows :stuck_out_tongue: But my sweet spot seems to be 256GB

My wife has 256GB currently in her iPhone XS, only because it was that or 64GB. The planned iPhone 12 Mini will be 128GB. For her it’s all about photos, but I don’t know that she has ever taken 100GB of photos. 4K video has a real chance to use up lots of space, but we don’t take much if any video. I considered the small extra cost for the 256GB version, but I just don’t think it’s needed for her use case.

When it comes to laptops. I find 256GB to be the absolute minimum for most people unless there is a secondary large spinning disk in there as well. 512GB seems to be the pretty comfortable sweet spot for most people unless they know they have larger needs.

Desktops are another story alltogether. My Windows gaming PC has 2 x NVME drive, 1 x 512GB for Windows, applications and my files (which meets the laptop logic above) and a secondary 1TB drive for game files. In that space SSD still gets pretty damn expensive past 1TB drives. SATA based SSD are a little cheaper, but spinning rust is still king when it comes to mass storage. Thankfully for me 1TB has been enough for now (although I’m sitting at nearly 90% capacity) and a little game management will keep me going for a while yet if I shift things I’m not playing off to my NAS.

Why not? I’d rather have more storage than I need than not enough. With 512gb I don’t have to worry about storage. If they make 1TB I will buy it, no question.

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I used to buy 512 iPhones but have recently dropped to 256 as I’ve really only used up to 200 Gb at the most. My iPad Pro has 1 Tb and I use about half of that.

As good a reason as any! Was just wondering if there was any particular use you had that ate up that much storage.

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Photos, home videos, apps, music, movies etc. I just love not having to ever think about storage at all

Next MacBook Pro I get will have the biggest hard drive I can possibly afford… As for phone, I’m going 12 Pro 128Gb (from a 64Gb X) so I’m hopeful that 2x the capacity will be more than enough.

I did watch the Keynote last night and my goodness am I excited for Apple ProRAW.