Is the Internet broken today?

Can reach some sites but not others. I’ve done everything I can (reboots etc) but the problem remains.

Sites I can’t reach: Whirlpool, mobile read, abc news, the guardian, the conversation, the new daily, NYT and my own provider, Exetel. Can reach The Saturday Paper, facebook, here (obviously), diabetes forums. Cant be arsed checking for more. Downdetector is reachable but being recalcitrant about actually looking at the sites I want checked.

I was reading on The Guardian site when the connection dropped. Can’t remember what time… 5.30ish maybe.

Did someone cut a cable?

Nope, that not it, all sites are working when I‘m on 4G on my phone. Damnation.

Anyone else on Exetel here?

Have a look here:

Thanks, no, thats not me. I had to do a hard reset (rather than via software as I had) and start over. Exetel support was great. I keep hearing bad things about them, and I have never had to use them before in 9 years or so… so I was a bit nervous about them, but, all good! I’m back online. 2 days without has taught me that I am very dependent on it all. I could not put in an order for medications, and I could not even reach Exetel itself. I had to (shudder) phone them.

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Spoke far too soon. Back where I started (at least I can get this forum and FB and The Saturday Paper) but again, cannot access medadvisor or exetel.

None of this makes any sense to me, none. I’ll have to ring them again at 8.30 and they better not do the standard do this do that, which I have already done.

I can’t even access whirlpool to ask a q of GlennW, because for some reason the network is refusing to recognise my phone on 4G. Cant access email…

All of this stopped dead after I spoke with support, followed their instructions and got back online. I had normal service for maybe 3 hours.


it’s very frustrating to not have internet access, it’s pretty much an essential utility now

Whats really frustrating is that Exetel locks down the login info including DNS. I reckon I might do better if I plug in a different DNS. I’ll resurrect the last modem/router I have (not bought from E) and see if that works. Support hasn’t a clue, Glenn hasn’t a clue. Its the weirdest thing. I mean, If you are going to lose the internet, you lose all of it, not just some.

I like the ZTE modem/router when it works but when it doesn’t its a royal PITA. I still have other things to do. Tomorrow is soon enough

[edit] LOL of course I totally forgot that without the internet being reachable, I cannot use a different DNS (I was going to use the getflix smart one), so I’m stuck in the mud.

[edit#2] can get Freetube as well. whoopdedoo

I no almost 0 about DNS. However, I understand that the contents of your DNS Hosts file may lead to this sort of issue. Each end device has its own Hosts file, so your Mac can behave weirdly whilst your phone can be fine.

Maybe your router has a hosts file too?

Not that I can see. The thing is, all my unreachable sites (on devices) are able to be pinged, and trace routed. Its all getting weirder. I was thinking it might be the router, OTOH I set up my last router/modem with the FTTP details and login and got exactly the same issue. Except none of the sites I can reach (like this one) were available to me. So its not the router. At least I don’t think it is.

I’ll have to ring support again and hope I get someone with an accent I can understand, like I did last time, and I think its going to have to be escalated to someone with more capacity than following a script.