Is this safe to click on?

I’m trying to download Acrobat Reader DC but none of the step-by-step instructions on the Adobe site show the disk image that downloaded to the desktop. I’m reluctant to click on it unless someone can assure me it’s safe. Can someone help, please?

The name under the image is:
Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 16.51.57

Mac OS 10.13.6

First of all, is there a specific need for Adobe Reader? The MacOS Preview app is an adequate PDF reader. Anyway, I went to, downloaded the file and the filename is AcroRdrDC_2100120155_MUI.dmg, so that concurs with what you have.

Any particular reason why you are concerned about the safety of opening this file? Double click on the DMG file, it will then open up as a PKG file, double click that and you will be guided as below.

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Thanks vrey much for the help, Kerr. I didn’t realize Preview had similar functions to Adobe Reader. I’ll happily use it. I tried to D/L Reader because a government form I wanted to D/L said it required Adobe Reader.
The website that came up when I searched for it was not the one you just gave me. When I didn’t see the familiar contorted ‘A’ shown above I became suspicious as it showed just the hard drive icon.

Thanks again for clearing that up for me.

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Yes I haven’t had Adobe on my iMac for possibly years, don’t miss it.

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