Limiting iCloud for Photos

Hi all,
As a keen photographer I’d like to have my Favourites folder available across all my devices. But am I right in believing there is no way of doing that?

I’ve look at the options, loading all my photo library to iCloud I s not an option (30,000+); even the last 30 days can sometimes be thousands of photos; and the only other option seems to be a Shared album. But can that be my Favourites album? Not that I can see.

The cynic in me thinks Apple is trying to get me to pay up for more iCloud storage. But it’s not just that, is capacity on my iDevices also I don’t want thousands of photos on.

Probably need to use something other than iCloud, or else pay for more storage. I use Photostream as a way of getting some photos to all devices but that requires storage on the device if you want to keep them (theres a limit to the number of photos you can have in photostream).

I have somehow or other managed to get myself 240GB on Microsoft OneDrive (I don’t subscribe to Office 365) so I’m beginning to think storage there could be a serious option.

Is your Favorites folder on your iPhone or Mac? Might this help?

Hmm, maybe, thanks I’ll have a look at that.

Tried Google Photos, but the App forces me to allow access to all photos, not just to one folder (eg favourites). So that’s annoying, no better than Apple, and not going to work.

If I select just the Favourites folder, the App then doesn’t work. #^<#%<£ Google!