Low content thread

Many forums I have frequented for years have a Low Content thread. Conversely many forums have too many threads when perhaps some threads should just be a post or two in a Low Content thread. So, to the Uber Mod Admin God people, what do you say? If we have one, will it be this thread, or is this area different to the rest of the forums?

To get the ball rolling, because Apple deem USB-A to be dead, the flash drives below are going cheap. Sandisk made these specifically for Macbooks and AFAIK they have only been available on the Apple site and in Apple stores. I sure hope they make similar ones for USB-C.

http://www.apple.com/shop/product/HG6R2ZM/B/sandisk-64gb-usb-30-flash-drive ($40)
http://www.apple.com/shop/product/HG6Q2ZM/B/sandisk-32gb-usb-30-flash-drive ($20)


I think these prices are in US$, the AU$ are much dearer :frowning:

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lol, not a good start to a Low Content thread, of course you are right. AU is $75 and $45, should have realised too good to be true.

I had a reason to be on the US site, but then I should have changed back to the AU site. Silly me.

Anyway, waiting to hear from the bosses re the thread proposal. Should probably steer some threads into posts and not clog up the forum.

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I think we’ve all made that mistake at some point and thought “WOW, I should totally buy that for $xxxx” before realising that it was actually much more thanks to the AU dollar and/or our place in the world economy.

6S died on Saturday, had a Genius appt at Apple Doncaster today. Thankfully a DFU restore fixed it, thought it may have been seriously dead.

4 days without a working phone sucks.

Always have a backup phone or two.

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yeah forgot I have my old 3GS but I don’t have a 30-pin cable or a SIM card adaptor anyway

Last few days have been unable to connect to the App Store on my iPhone 6S, iOS 10.1.1. Checked everything that Apple Support pages said, still no luck: If you can't connect to the App Store, iTunes Store or other Apple services – Apple Support

Username and password were correct, could connect to icloud.com and appleid.apple.com as well as iTunes on macOS.

Saw an option to get online support so tried that. He ended up telling me that he was an iTunes store advisor and only handled cases related to billing and buying, but that I could call the technical team on (61) 1-300-321-456. So I did, even though my iPhone is >12 months old and I don’t have Apple Care. Took about 2-3 minutes to get through and I told the lady I wasn’t sure if I was eligible for phone support, she said no problem and helped me anyway.

As some of you may have guessed, the issue was fixed by resetting network settings. I wish they would add that to the link I posted above. I hate wasting people’s time with something I can look up online. Anyway, yet again I am very happy with the support I receive from Apple. If they didn’t make the MacBooks less appealing every year, I’d hardly ever have a bad word to say about the company.


Where can I get an adapter for India? Also going to Nepal and Singapore.

Low Content Thread? Low Thread Count I know… Low Grade Humour I get… B-Ball-Balls Baldrick. But, Low Content Thread? Seem to start as a discount items thread, then turn into something completely different… :}

Is this supposed to be equiv to Apple Talk’s user’s group twitter feed?

I believe the point is to enable discussion of various topics that probably don’t warrant their own posts, with only a handful of responses (if any). A way of not clogging up the site with posts in their own individual threads when it’s not warranted.

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[quote=“kerr, post:9, topic:2868”]
Where can I get an adapter for India?
[/quote]Apple sell a kit with all of them in one box. I bought one with friends and we share it.

yeah seems the best option for now, but it includes AU and US which I already have

Maybe try and source one locally? I did that last time I was in Singapore for a couple of months with work.

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would there be any point trying to sell a 2009 27" iMac?

mResell says it’s worth about $200.

Isn’t it amazing (though it shouldn’t be) - the first ever game of Women’s AFL played tonight.

Whilst not at all sporty myself, my dad played amateur footy and cricket, and later umpired cricket for about 10 years, so there’s always been sport in our household. And whilst my sister like me was never really keen on kicking a ball around, I can remember thinking how unfair it was that only men got to play (professional at least) cricket and football etc etc.

The world, it is a changing!

(I mention this here, in the Low Content Thread, because of course it is only women’s sport, so I doubt anyone else will care to comment. :wink: )

Some AFL clubs are making a solid effort to progress womens football.

I’m a Carlton FC member and we have received regular updates about the new womens team and members were given the chance to contribute extra $ which was specifically allocated to womens team expenses so I gave a small amount.

I think it’s overdue but at least they’re doing it now.

I watched some of the game last night on the tellie, and I’ve not seen any data, but it looked to be a similar size arena, with a fairly similar size crowd. It will be interesting to see how the crowds last, but to be frank, from what I was watching, whilst the game was low scoring, the skills that I was watching did not particular seem any worse than a men’s game. If you cut off their pony tails, I think it would be hard to tell the difference.

The oval sold out and the crowd’s were so big that they had to turn a significant number of punters away at the gates - so much so that the AFL CEO was personally on the gates apologising to fans.

Why would you assume that the skill level would be lower?