Loyalty cards in Apple Wallet

This sort of thing raises my hopes, I have an Apple Watch as well so it will be very convenient.

At this point I would settle for just being able to put any membership in Wallet, not a single thing can be put in there…


Virgin boarding passes can. It’s fairly pointless for us atm though.

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You can put most airline boarding passes into Wallet, as well as loyalty cards such as Hyatt, SPG, Marriot, Hilton etc. I just had an animated discussion with Australia Post last week as to why they gave me both a MyPost app and card (not to mention the secure PO Box key, which has actually served as a secure postal ID token for the last, oh, 120 years!

While it doesn’t integrate with Apple Wallet, you can use an app (I’ve been using Stocard) to handle all your loyalty cards - plus it even has an Apple Watch app for those times when you want to show how hip and with it you are.


The Commonwealth Bank app now lets you store pretty common loyalty cards. The only issue is that it’s still not as convenient as Wallet. For example, double tapping the side button on the Apple Watch brings up Wallet and you can access it immediately from there.

I saw that. Three quarters of loyalty cards that it can store (Myer, Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s etc) already have their own loyalty card apps that can display the barcode. iBeacon for a lot of these stores means the apps literally a single swipe away when I need them anyway.

It’s disapointing that all of these stores and so forth decided to do it on their own, it’s just not a great experience IMO.

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Stocard is great, but the watch app I find useless because you necessarily have to bend your arm at an angle that turns the screen off!


Thanks for the tip - I had a stack of cards at home that would not fit in my wallet!

Flick the Digital Crown and it’ll come back on.

Just discovered Stocard. Convenient having cards in Wallet, but I hate the way it groups them.

Or go all old school on the problem…

I long ago scanned all my cards and saved them into a folder that syncs with my iPhone. Now it’s only in photo’s and I have to manually flick through the find the one I want… but for most things it works just fine.
The bigger issue has always been retailers scanners not being able to read phone screens, something which is changing slowly… but most will happily type the number in.

If I can scan a card rather than use an app I will unless the app actually offers something useful like loyalty balance or special offers or something.

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That’s actually brilliant!

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I’ve stuck a few cards into Stocard, but it takes me longer to get that sorted, than to open my wallet and get the relevant card out for use. So, maybe not for me.

I found the stocard widget made a big difference to usability for me. The 6 most recently used are just a swipe and tap away.

not if you ditch all the cards so they aren’t in your wallet at all. And thinner wallets with less cards are happy wallets.

LOL! True.

I use the Evernote app for store cards. Easy to search and find and easy to scan.

Stocard on Watch. anyone got Flybuys (or anything else) to read the watch screen successfully? Seems to me the barcode is too tiny for the reader to “see” it properly.

No, but I recently discovered Coles self serve checkouts (at least in Brisbane) have a second barcode reader usually below the rack with the temporary fly buys cards on them. Had much better luck with that one.

The Coles ones seem to work pretty consistently for me, I’ve seen some Woolworths have a similar setup with the scanner facing sideways out of the console thingy.