M1 iMac Supply Issues?


Haven’t bought anything bigger than an iPod direct from Apple before… but am about to buy an M1 iMac for my folks, and - seems like a fair chunk of a delay? 2-3 weeks.

(Actually - I lie - my eMac was purchased through Apple AU, then delivered via a local Apple authorised mob in Darwin… but that was pre the “Apple Store”.)

Officeworks seems to only have 2-3 models/colours available… JB have none online, nor in either Geelong store… (I saw they had a sign up saying they are not displaying Macs any more due to theft…) Not looking at Harvey Norman.

Is there supply issues in Oz? COVID?



PS For shits-n-giggles I asked for a quote on a trade-in on Apple’s website. Didn’t have the serial number though for their old 2008 iMac, so I put in my 2010 MacPro. “Looks like your Mac is good for recycling”. Har. Har.

I believe there is high demand for the M1 iMac due to people waiting and putting off purchasing since Apple announced the switch to Apple Silicon.

The other thing could be that Apple is affected by the worldwide chip shortages.

Mmm - would be interesting to see what their sales were like.

I’m tempted to buy myself an M1 Mini now… feels strange buying a new Mac, and it not be for me! :} But that’s not a priority…

I’ll be in the market for an M1X/M2 MacBook Pro 14 or 16 inch in either late 2022 or 2023. Will feel weird getting a new Mac after 10/11 years with this one!

Well, I’ve placed the order. Will have an M1 iMac delivered in the next 2-3 weeks… then subject to COVID, have to go visit my folks to set it up.

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So the iMac arrived - it shipped direct from China, which would explain the 3 week delivery time.

Now to wait for restrictions to ease so I can go set it up for my parents…