Mac Mini Mania - refurbs

There are currently more Minis on the refurb store than I have ever seen. 13 different configs to be precise. They’re mainly 2018 models and range from $1-4k.

I know there’s a bit of Mini love here. Thought someone might be interested to know.


I’d consider it irresponsible if I didn’t point out the fact that there are a few, very specific, reasons to be buying an Intel-based Mac mini now that Mac minis with Apple Silicon are a thing.

No matter how good those refurb deals may seem, most people in the market for a new/refurb Mac mini should be buying one with Apple Silicon.

That argument probably applies to other Macs as well now that you mention it…

An intel Mac (even a type where there is not yet an Arm version) is probably going to have a more limited lifetime than an ARM powered MAC.

Sure, but with the other Macs you don’t have a choice, in that if you need a new iMac/iMac Pro/16-inch MacBook Pro and can’t wait 3-6 months, you have to buy an Intel machine.

With the Mac mini, and both (refurb or not) Intel and Apple Silicon versions available, people can choose. I’d just wouldn’t recommend an Intel Mac mini unless people know that’s the one they need.

Benny, - Both the Mini and the new 13 inch MBP max out at 16G of RAM on the new M1 chip. Needing (or wanting) 32 or 64 is a consideration for a lot of pro users - remember you’re always buying a machine that is non upgradeable from Apple now.

So the wait for an updated MBP 16 inch or the much talked about 14 inch (could it be the next PB G5 mirage) is the issue. Also how well Rosetta 2 performs for Intel based apps - like Parallels VM’s running Windows for example, for business users is another consideration. - Expect reports from the usual suspects on this topic soon.

I can’t imagine being in that situation honestly… the few times where I’ve needed a short term machine and didn’t want to buy I’ve just leased for a year.

Have I said something wrong here? Two people in a row have seemingly dismissed what I’ve said in earlier posts?

Ummm no? I agree with you that it makes sense to buy a machine with Apple silicon.

I was just saying I can’t imagine (me personally) buying a machine I didn’t want when doing a short term tax deductible lease for a few months would let me buy the machine I actually wanted.

I wasn’t implying other people should do that…