Mac OS X update has installed an older version of Safari

I was on ‘OS X Mavericks’ with the latest version of Safari being 9.1.3. I then updated to ‘OS X Yosemite’ where the latest version of Safari was 10.1.2. I then updated the OS again to ‘OS X El Capitan’ where the latest version of Safari should’ve been 11.1.2. However checking ‘About Safari’ tells me I have in fact regressed to version 9.1.2 which is the version just prior to the final version I had in Mavericks.

In case you’re thinking the ‘About Safari’ is giving the wrong info, it’s not. I am indeed running 9.1.2 (Build 11601.7.7).

Anyway how do I update Safari back (or should I say forward) to the correct version of 11.1.2?

Fixed! I found a post on the ‘Apple Support Communities’ about this very issue. Apparently it’s a known bug in ‘El Capitan’ in that when updating to El Capitan it will first install either Safari 9.1.1 or 9.1.2, but then issue an update in the ‘App Store’ to update Safari to version 11.1.2.

So after installing the update ‘About Safari’ now correctly says I have version 11.1.2 (Build 11605.3.8.1).