MacBook Pro startup issue

Hello all.

My 2020 13" MacBook Pro (the last Intel model) is behaving badly at times. Normally it lives on my desk and is plugged in. Sometimes I use it as a laptop - unplugged. If I run the battery down to about 60-70% then shut it down and go to bed, next morning it starts up normally then goes blank immediately after booting up. It then occasionally shows the red "charge me’ battery symbol. If you plug it in and restart it the battery shows 70%.

Do other people see this behaviour? Is it a symptom of a failing battery? Any advice?


How many cycles is the battery on? Go into About this Mac, system report, and look for Power. Cycle count should be listed there.

You can apparently expect around 1000 cycles.

I’d try run the Macbook down all the way - just have it play videos constantly or something - and see at what point the battery dies…

198 cycles. I’ll run it flat today and let you know what I find.


Here’s a graphic showing the situation: At about 10pm last night I shut it down with ~70% charge. It wouldn’t stay on this morning until it was plugged in.

For something that’s presumably less than 12 months old, I’d certainly be frustrated by this behaviour…

I’m not up with modern batteries - my most recent Macbook is a 2014 Air.

If you can, I’d consider taking it to see a Genius… But also try google to see if there’s others with similar issues.

14 months old. I’ll do some online searching…

Do an SMC reset, if you haven’t already.

That might have done the trick bennyling. Thanks for the SMC reminder. Certainly it behaved properly this morning.