MacOS 12 - Monterey

Looks like it just landed.

I’m too chicken to upgrade yet - anyone done it?

Any reviews?

ArsTechnica’s Monterey review is up to their usual high standard. They give it a generally quite positive rap:

After a big year with Big Sur, Monterey is a return-to-form macOS update. Most people will be able to find at least one or two new things that they really like. Other people will continue using it without noticing that it’s different. And it would benefit from a major bugfix update or two.

But I’ll probably still wait for a point release.

I’d wait on anything mission critical. So I’m not upgrading my main Mac yet, but my laptop (which isn’t as crucial) will likely get macOS 12 over the weekend.

I have no plans to update to Monterey as yet. Apple QA seems to get worse over time.

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Updated the day it came out, no problems so far.

I updated last week. No issues noticed (2017 Touch Bar MBP).

Did it after updating phone to iOS14, not realising was just released.

I updated to MacOS 12 - no issues on MacBook Pros or MacMinis (last gen Intels).

Also we are up to iOS 15.1 now.

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I hadn’t even noticed that they’d moved away from macOS 10.x… :slight_smile:

Now they’re on macOS 12?

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Yeah I used to think that macOS and Windows would stay at version 10 forever.

MacOS 12 is not that different from MacOS 10.

But Windows 11 is a jump from Win 10 though (I think).