MacTalk member check-in thread

Thought I would make a thread for MacTalk members to check-in - in particular for members who are using a different username here.

My username is the same - Erwin. Been a member of MacTalk for over 10 years, but the time has finally come to move on. Don’t really visit any other Mac/Apple forums besides lurking at Whirlpool (same username there).

How about you?


I joined Mactalk in 2008. I loved the podcasts. Still have all of them. Of course I listen to Reckoner now. My user name is the same.

Was Goodbye over on the other side - now known by my initials!

I’m the same here as I was at MacTalk. I had an earlier MacTalk user name in the early days, but am have been going by Changa for awhile.

How will we have Goodbye’s Good Buys now?

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Same username as before :smile:

In my old days of modding Mactalk I was halfgoon, but now I’m a real person! Also not as obnoxious (probably).

same name as mactalk, though different in most other places :slight_smile:

ibarnett, same username as on the “dark side”

Same username in MacTalk except I dropped the ‘86’… :smile:

Begin migration oldUser=mmulhern
End migration newUser-Jongleur

Still enjoying all things retro, especially those using a 6502

Think my username was Angus or AngusG. Best part was the podcasts Anthony and Sean (on Can Touch This) were hilarious.

My name is the same… Avatar too… in most forums, forever…

Am I a creature of habit or just too lazy to change?

Hi, from MacRowdy at MacTalk.

I usually try to join forums as Rowdy (or rowdy) but that name was taken on MacTalk.

Not so on AppleTalk mwahahaha.

I don’t post that much here, spending more time on another technology forum, but it’s good to know the Aussie Apple community is still alive and well.

gehenna as usual :smile:

Just posted what is possibly my last post on MacTalk encouraging users to install and run an Ad Blocker when visiting the site. After nearly 5550 posts I never thought it would end like that.

but that’s half your charm!

I think I stopped around the same time Benny stopped doing the morning news.

I was Iain Best over at Mactalk (was arghdee prior to changing to my full name when I started writing articles for the front page)

I joined MacTalk as Steeley back in 2005 which was AppleTalk back then. Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel, and in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on 'em. Give me five bees for a quarter, you’d say…


This probably goes without saying, but whoever it was that borrowed my Snow Leopord/iWork 09/iLife 09 box set from MacTalk a year or two ago: I never bothered chasing you for it because I have absolutely no use for it. Consider it a gift from me to you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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