Merry Christmas AppleTalk

Merry Christmas to all whom celebrate it, and to those that don’t, just think of the boost to the economy…

Sweating it up in Horsham this year, so, lots of onsite tech support for the olds…


Merry Christmas all!

Hohoho all …

Merry Christmas, guys and girls. Anyone get anything cool?

I put together a new PC, first completely new thing since 2009. It’s most of the way there, after a few hiccups.

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Merry Christmas! I used to be a mactalk user and i had to reregister! Hope everyone had a great day!

Nothing cool. Socks. Did spend quality time with family though.

You’re from Horsham too? The MIL’s home is 2 min walk from Wimmera River!

Merry Christmas all! :smile:

(: nope. “From” Warracknaveal… Then Darwin then Brisbane now Geelong… Folks live in Haven (aka outer Horsham, near the dinosaur…)

Got a wired keyboard as per recent thread… Yep, a not so secret Santa…

Saving on threads…

Merry Christmas 2021!

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6 year bump! :flushed:

Merry Christmas :christmas_tree::gift:!!!


I got socks too (albeit super cool ones!) :joy: and did enjoy time off from work!

That said, I buy all the toys I want each year back in September. :wink:

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Jocks here! Hope you all had a great Christmas. I love a few days just sitting around doing nothing much

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Not enough drunk with family in laws…

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