Move photos from windows computer to IPad 4

I want to move my photos from my windows computer to my IPad 4.
What is the easiest way to do this, so I can use as a photo frame running like a continuous slideshow??
Sorry not very tech savvy!

No one’s responded, so I thought I’d try - bearing in mind I haven’t used a Windows PC for over 2 decades, even at work.

I would have thought you could use a web-based photo gallery like Google, or something else, that you could upload to, and then show on your iPad as a slideshow.

I don’t think you can install Photos on a windows machine and sync iCloud to your iPad - if you can, that’s likely the best idea.

Alternatively, save your photos into the Photo app on iPad, and use that, or from there send the photos to a Slideshow app.

Hope this helps give you some ideas!

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Yeah, my first thought would be to upload to, then install the Google Photos app on your iPad:

Or maybe you can install iCloud for Windows on the PC: