My HomePod is bricked :(

A few years ago I was on here complaining that my HomePod lost its bass. The replacement Apple gave me was going well until I went to put the 15.1 update on it and it totally bricked it. It won’t power up - no sounds, no lights, no response at all.

I’m super bummed because it was by far my favourite Apple device. Such deep, rich sound, and combined with my Apple TV I was using it as my bedroom speaker for my gaming consoles as well.

I’ve put a HomePod mini there in its place, which is ok I guess, but it isn’t in the same league sound-wise.

I’m going to try my luck with Apple but I imagine this time they’ll want to sell me a replacement, if they have any left in stock, and I’m reluctant to do that given the short lifespan they seem to have (or at least in my case).

Farewell OG HomePod you will be sorely missed.


The 15.1 update didn’t brick my HomePod, but I’ve lost access to my own library on it, which is annoying.

I’ve got a couple and they both survived the update ok from what I can tell.

Sorry to hear it mate. They are brilliant speakers and are hard to find. I’ve kept an eye out for another one and most are at hugely inflated prices.

My two have survived.

I would recommend taking it to Apple. Automatic firmware updates that brick a device should be a reasonable ground to argue for repair.

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I spoke to support on the phone and then took it to the Genius Bar. They told me it’s dead, outside of 2 year statutory warranty and $399 to replace.

If Apple’s firmware bricked it Apple should be making it right.

I’ll be emailing [email protected] and that’ll be the end of it.

Definitely keep trying. It’s shit that an automated process can brick a device like that.

Honestly wonder what kind of case can be made against this. If the device is still getting firmware updates, its still supported. And these updates are automated. They just run when they’re ready. I guess the most difficult part of it is proving there wasn’t a power surge or power cut part way through the process. But the appliance like nature of the device makes it almost impossible to troubleshoot.

I’ve now emailed Tim Cook and given that team my feedback about my experience. That’s as far as I’m going to take it, I just don’t have the energy to fight these sorts of battles.

It is still supported, but it is discontinued. When the Genius tried to sell me the replacement she said it comes with 2 years warranty and I asked since it’s discontinued will there be units to replace it if something happens in those 2 years. Couldn’t give me an answer.

They were selling for under $300 at Officeworks before their discontinuation. $399 is a joke for a discontinued refurb unit.

I’ve been using Apple products since 2005. If I haven’t earned their trust by now they can shove their products up their arse.

I was tempted to look for one when the price came down… then they got discontinued quickly… and so the price has gone up instead.

An update - I received a call from executive relations following my email to Tim Cook.

They escalated it to Engineering who reported back stating it wasn’t the iOS firmware update that bricked it (it was).

In any case, Apple agreed to “make an exception” and have now replaced the faulty unit with a new one at their cost.

I’ll turn off automatic updating on this one. I tried to buy AppleCare+ for it but it’s ineligible.

Im disappointed I had to draw the Australian Consumer Law bow and see it through, but I’m glad Apple did the right thing in the end.


Given your previous thread was July 2019, and the device was replaced after that, that replacement had 2 years warranty minimum under ACL. Should have been a straight swap at AppleStore if you’re within 2 years from the replacement when it bricked it. :man_shrugging: Even if you’re just outside 2 years it’s generally possible to convince them.

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Your email to Tim Cook must have been convincing. Well done!
It is great to hear a story with a happy ending.

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Well done!
I also have, in dealing with corporations, noticed that if you become enough of a squeaky-wheel nuisance, they pay you to go away.