New iPad Pro?

I read reports of an Apple event next week. My ipad 10.5 is getting long in the tooth and I’m panting waiting on new iPad Pro announcements. Bring it on!

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I too have the 10.5” iPad Pro. It is still as fast as ever and runs every app I need. I am not quite sure what would convince me to replace it. The cost of replacing it, together with the pencil, smart cover and smart keyboard is likely to be quite significant.

The only flaw is a small section of the screen that is slightly brighter than the rest, about 5 cm above the Home button, and about the size of a 10 cent coin.

I had a look at the current models in Apple Store over the weekend, could have been mistaken but I felt the screen was sharper and brighter(?). Is the resolution higher now than in our model?
The mini LED appeals too, if that happens.

Also my battery is dying, and a new iPad is a tax deduction for me, so its a no-brainer…and i like new apple stuff!

I don’t have an iPad anymore and I didn’t realise how much I’d miss it. I’ve been having iPad withdrawals for quite some time. I last had the 2015 12.9” iPad Pro and only got rid of it due to touch-screen issues. I’ve definitely missed having one.

Leading up to the 2020 iPad Pro I’d heard rumours of I was waiting for that one to release to finally get my hands on one again. Though when it was released, it was such an incremental update I just couldn’t do it. I decided to wait it out further.

This months iPad I think will finally be worth the purchase for me.

Space grey 12.9” 1TB with Apple Pencil, I can’t wait!

Good lord. I have exactly this flaw in my iPad Air 3 (also 10.5”) Well, maybe not exactly, mine is somewhere between 5 and 10c size

It is a known issue.

Apparently, the iPad Air 3 has the same internal physical layout as the 10.5” iPad Pro, so it seems possible it could have the same bright spot issue.

I only notice it when displaying a predominantly white screen

I had backlight bleeding on my 12.9-inch (gen 2) iPad Pro before my current 2018 (which fixed it for me).

Me too. I was going to take it to a genius and then I realised there was probably little point. I can cope.

I’m in the market for a new iPad Pro to replace my OG 9.7" one. Let’s hope the RAM is high and the price is low! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Im not expecting much change out of $2000 for an 11”. Hoping for Face ID though.

Interesting new stuff but not enough to hold my interest for very long. New iMacs, new AppleTV4k, new iPad pros. I dropped out after that.

Its live right now but already lots done.

I’ve been reading the wrap ups, what little there are, and while the iPad looks impressive I’m a little disappointed.

While it seemingly ticks all the right boxes with M1 and 5G and all the other shiny modern tech, I have not seen any word of it running macOS. Have I missed something here or am I supposed to be buying both a new MacBook and iPad with (basically) the same internals in order to get the best of both worlds??

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Apparently Apple wants us to spend a LOT of dollars. I’d need the 12.9” iPad, and probably 512Gb, and the Magic Keyboard as well as a new Pencil because mine is the first gen… And to do that, I would need to sell almost every other apple product I have. So… not for me, I’m going to have to stick with my old tech til I die

I was tossing up for my use case whether to get the 10.9" iPad Air or the 11" iPad Pro. What’s interesting with the 11" Pro is that it offers a 128GB model whereas the Air skips from 64GB to 256GB. For someone who doesn’t need 256GB on their iPad but needs more than 64GB, the iPad Pro presents a great value proposition. That’s what I think I’ll end up with to compliment my Mac mini - a tablet that can sometimes be used as a laptop rather than what I see in the 12.9" as a laptop that is sometimes used as a tablet.

Yeah, maybe my “needs” are more like “wants”. I currently use a 3rd Gen Air (10.5”) and really, I probably do only need 128GB, I find 64 as I currently have, not quite enough.

The 11” ipad pro update is what I was after, sold. Im actually surprised at how little $$ it is, got used to expecting eye watering prices from Apple. $1200 Im ok with.

My wife bought herself a new M1 MBP recently to replace a 2011 MBA, she already has a 2018 11" iPad which does everything she needs, but given an option for an iPad/MacBook cross over it’s a bit of a no brainer.

The question that Macs are going down the M1 path is that do we expect Macs to be adopt the iPadOS life or the MacOS life to come to iPads… or are we really expected to have multiple machines?

I’ve said it before, if MacOS were to come only to the iPad Pro line, that would provide a huge upsell to lots of users over the “iPad only” version. I suppose what we don’t know if a break down of their userbase? Would upselling a subset of people offset those who would then only buy one device??

I can totally see them hitting on the “green” aspects of being able to do everything from a single device too! Then the upsell to the stand along monitor/dock combo, although Apple have so far shown little interest in going back to the Monitor sales world.

We will be waiting for a new iPad Mini. Our old one is behind the times and can’t handle new websites etc. But I don’t understand why the Mini is priced $100 more than the standard iPad. I’d like to know.

Smaller space Arky. More work to fit it in.

OK, I suppose so. A smaller screen and smaller battery may be cheaper though.