New purchases thread!

Post your tech splurging here!

I just picked up 2.5GHz i7 15" Retina MacBook Pro (16GB RAM, 512 GB SSD) for $2700 from JB Hifi (was holding out for the refresh, but a bit pissed off about the updated pricing, I don’t have much confidence it’ll come back down before the end of the year… I’m not a financial analyst so could be wrong)
Crumpler Pinnacle of Horror laptop bag
Hummingbird Bathurst Racer Executive High Back Chair Blue


Transporter Sync
Crucial 256GB m550 SSD - for my Intel Celeron 2820 NUC

Man, I’ve wanted a decent computer chair for ages. Stuck with an Officeworks cheapie for now, but I just upgraded my desk so a new chair might have to wait a while.

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Ultimate purchase, signed with a builder for a new house. For a geek like me, best news is this house will be in a FTTH estate.

EDIT: Here is the kicker, expected completion (probably June next year). Bummer :wink:


I wonder how good this device will push a 2.4Ghz wifi signal. Soon find out, as I am going to be doing a bit of testing.

It will probably be the same gear I install in a friends motel to replace his aging wifi guest hotspot stuff…

EDIT: Great gear, will be purchasing 2 x Ceiling Mount Dual Band AC wireless access points soon, those will be for the new house, of course Mikrotik again. Got my setup going, just got to edit the guest hotspot portal pages to be better html design and what not.

Bought these a few weeks ago, completely forgot about this thread.
2 of these (24" Acer Monitors)

Set of HK Soundsticks

Electronic Viewfinder for my Canon G1X Mk 2

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Bought myself a new ix35 Limited, along with a refresh of my Apple gear and a new job :smile:

Got an iPhone 6+ Space Grey, and a 15" MacBook Pro 2.2GHz i7 with 16GB RAM. It’s a beast!

Oh and a PS4 :smiley:


WD Green 2TB drive. Currently cloning TiVo 160GB drive to WD Green 2TB (although I did already disable intellipark, since it causes issues in TiVo).

See how this goes…

EDIT: Looks to have worked. Now have up to 400 hours HD recording on my TiVo. Guess that’s one unit down, another one to do. Will monitor unit for the next few days to make sure all is okay.

Bought these a week ago before my holiday.

Bit of retail therapy from being at the end of my holiday.

I can’t wait to tuck into the Tintin boxset :smiley:


Tintin!!! Love it!

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One of my favourite purchases ever - a Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter!


The Aeron I’m sitting in was the best investment in my health I’ve ever bought.

I’ve actually got a Steelcase Gesture on order… when it arrives I’ll post up a couple of pics :smile:

I hope to see some footage of this. I was just watching Ben Brown on YouTube use one over the coast of Costa Rica and it did an amazing job!

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Picking one of these up today - sold my original one before we moved to Sydney as we wouldn’t have had room for it, so I’m excited to get back to grilling all the time. 20% off at Good Guys wasn’t a bad deal :smile:


Check out my Facebook page :slight_smile: I have a couple of videos up there and some photos!

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Love my Weber Q too! :wink:

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I’ve read them all before and can probably remember them all better than I can the Far Side (massive fan there too) but have a stronger childhood connection to Tintin. Also has a completely different perspective as an adult.

Complete Tintin fanatic here too - read all the stories when I was a kid and still love them now :smiley:

TiVo Hard Drive upgrade went well… end result below;