No signatures in Discourse?

Her… its her. I’m an old lady. LOL. I should fix my sig. OTOH its there in my profile. Can’t see how to makde a sig.

Thank goodness for that.

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REally? And why is that?

That seems like a bit of an uncalled for reaction/comment to me

It’s not “thank goodness” that you can’t find how to make a signature, it’s “thank goodness” that signatures aren’t a feature of Discourse.

Signatures are the scourge of forums. They were the original “sent from my iPhone” before iPhones were a thing.

What problem do they solve? What can possibly be so important that it bears repeating every time you post? It’s as if you ended every sentence you ever said with “and also this thing that may or may not be relevant to the conversation that we’re having right now”.


Well thats good. I’ll stop being paranoid now. LOL!

In forums, my sig is my name.

Signatures were around long before iPhones. I remember having your latest PC specs or whatever in your sig way back when. While it’s mostly a waste of space your brain quickly gets used to not reading them when not needed. It’s a similar story I suppose for the meta data around users where other software shows number of posts, join date and rank. This can be useful is being able to understand how long people have been around and how active they are. It gives some yardstick to measure the credibility of users (not that it’s always accurate :stuck_out_tongue: ). It’s worth noting that its always been possible to turn them on/off in vBulletin (and probably other forums too). There can be useful information in there sometimes, like links to blogs, stats or something interesting relevant info. But yes, it looks nice and clean without the additional clutter.

Of course I’m starting to wonder if I’m just a relic of the past that likes (or is used to) these things. As I think about it I wonder if new users to the internet like (or not) signatures since things like twitter, facebook and whatever the cool kids use these days don’t have sigs…

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There’s a guy on Whirlpool who manually signs every post with “Have Fun, Mike”. Signatures aren’t a feature on Whirlpool which means he must have to manually type it in every time.

If I ever meet Mike, I will beat him around the head with a heavy iron bar until his body is a lifeless bleeding corpse at my feet. I will probably spend years in jail, but it will have been worth it.

EDIT and here he fucking is. As it turns out, a Collingwood supporter. Also, I forgot about the brackets. Jesus fucking Christ.


I’m surprise the moderators over there haven’t had a word with him.

People do similar things with SMS, too. Idk what the mentality behind that kind of manual signature is (it’s often a word or two, almost always with their name).

Perhaps they feel like all direct online communication carries a similar tone to email where you are expected to sign off in some way?