Older movies/TV digital downloads

Just wondering if anyone has suggestions on sources for digital downloads of older movies and TV series?

I am specifically looking for the original series of Battlestar Galactica (1978). It is available online (not for this region) at https://www.nbc.com/battlestar-galactica-classic and I have not managed to locate it anywhere else.

I can source copies on DVD, though (1) I do not have a DVD player, and (2) I do not want something that will end up in the recycling/bin.


Get a smart DNS (I have a Getflix lifetime account) and a US itunes account, download the NBC app to your iOS device and enjoy BSG original. Thats what I did. Otherwise, its going to have to be DVD or similar instead of digital.

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Try Kanopy via your local library.

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Will look into that, thanks!

There’s also a HUGE range of free digital magazines through RB Digital. The app is a bit slow but there are many good reads, to the point where I’ve been able to cancel my paid subscriptions to two magazines and now get them for free. Edit: including several Apple-centric publications like Macworld, Mac Format and iCreate.
Obviously you will need a local library card for access to both services.

Available to buy from Apple…

Thanks for pointing out what was apparently too obvious for me to notice! :upside_down_face:

No problem, I used the iPad AppleTV app as I think it can search any streaming services that you have signed up to. To be honest I was expecting Amazon or Netflix to have it! :+1:

Battlestar Gallactica (both the original and brilliant remake) is on Binge…which if you are a Telstra customer is free!