Phone and watch charging pads (wireless)

Seeking experience/recommendations on a wireless charging pad for iPhone and Apple Watch.

I am looking for a flat one (not a raised watch stand) like the Anker Powerwave+

I specially want the watch to be flat. Having a rotated position as well would be nice (like the flip up option this one provides), though not necessary Have not found this one in Australia, or with an Australian plug (not an adapter).

The standalone Apple Watch charging pad (can’t recall its name) looks like a good option, though is standalone and $$$.

Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

For anyone following, this looks quite good ($$$)

[might be in be future]

Does look good. I’m using the Mophie from the Apple store, which is similarly priced.

I recently bought one of these and I really like it, aside from the excessively bright green LED.

I really like the IKEA ones – I have a lamp with one built in, and also one you drill a hole in a desk surface and install into. Really nice products. They do have a 3 device version I think, but I’ve only got the single ones.

I’m happy to wait for AirPower 2!