Powerbank Cabling

When a Powerbank specifies USB C connections does that refer to the input port or the output ports, or both. The specifications do not provide the answer. I do not have any devices that use USB C, so I want to know if I should avoid USB C Powerbanks. However, it refers to the input port that wouldn’t be a worry. I want a 20,000mAh powerbank but they all seem to be of the USB C type.
Also, what sort of power adapter should I buy to charge my powerbank? A large capacity one I imagine, but some guidance would be appreciated.

I have a Cygnett 27,000 mAh powerbank - it has only USB-C input but 3 outputs (2x USB-C and 1 USB-A). I use this on weekend trips and it’s heavy, but works for me. They also provide a USB-A to USB-C cable (not the brick) for charging but I use my MacBooks USB-C charger to charge it.

I also have a Xiaomi 20,000mAh Mi Power Bank 2C, input is micro USB, output is 2x USB-A. perfect for my overnight hiking/camping trips.

Personally i’d go for one with the USB-C, they generally will provide the cable but new laptops/macbooks are using USB-C now anyway. Just a matter of time for the iPhones as well.

Thanks julee, that helps. I eventually got wise and checked the Cygnett website where all my queries were answered. The powerbank I have in mind has two output ports, one USB A and one USB C and supply two cables to suit. It should be ideal for my use. Thanks for helping me.

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