PSA: you can take topics off on a different tangent yourself

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Sure we can. But by the same token, if someone legitimately posts something related to the topic at hand, but you want to take the discussion in a different direction based on that post, you can always “reply as linked topic”, because that’s what the feature is there for.

The “reply as linked topic” option doesn’t show up when you’re posting from mobile, unless you’re using the desktop interface.

Thanks - yeah I was and still am using this on mobile. Is it possible to add this to the mobile version?

Probably not. But all it is is a linked post, there’s nothing stopping you from doing it manually if you don’t mind a bit of copying and pasting.

Because I was looking for this earlier today: some Discourse updates have moved the “reply as linked topic” option. It’s still here, just tucked away in the “chain” or share icon.

If you want to take a topic off on a different tangent, now what you have to do is click the chain on the post that’s most relevant to what you were talking about, then hit “+ new topic”.

Edit: this also works on mobile now, @Erwin.

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I was looking for that the other day too and figured it went away with the updates. Nice to see it’s still there :smiley: